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Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad

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Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
  • Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
  • Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
A technical and innovative saddle pad incorporating anti-slip fabric, shockproof protection and moisture control. Shockproof fabric and memory foam help give optimum protection to the horse's back and wither area whilst high-tech, innovative materials allow moisture and sweat to disperse away from the horse's skin. Perfect protection for Flat and National Hunt horses during daily training. We recommend using a Buster Reversible Saddle Pad underneath for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Shockproof materials relieve pressure over wither and back
  • Memory foam inner provides comfort
  • High wither design
  • Anti-wick fibres in the filling draw away sweat and moisture
  • Minimises heat and sweat build up
  • Anti-rub protection
  • Machine washable (30), dry naturally
Customer reviews
Size : FullColour : Black
The style didn't fit my Horse, but I would have to pay almost 80$ to return it, and that is more than the price of the pad.
Size : FullColour : Black
Not thick but fells like it is doning it's job.
My big horse does a lot of hunting and quite a sensitive back I've tried lots of different pads etc with no luck but this one has seemed to do a fantastic job so far in all the fitting work 👍
This is a little bit too stiff.
My horse & I love this racing/training pad.
He's a retired racehorse & high withered so I still ride him out in my racing saddle
I use this between a buster pad & the saddle - it's great!
Great pad. Could just do with having no seam down the middle. Have ordered more though!