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Pony Bug Buster Fly Rug with Belly Flap

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Pony Bug Buster Fly Rug with Belly Flap
Back in stock February 2017

The Bug Buster has been developed to protect your pony from annoying insects and flies during summer. Made from soft interlocking polyester, this mesh fly rug is ideal for repelling bugs. Highly breathable stretch fabric helps prevent heat build-up in hot weather, aiding the wellbeing of your pony. Antibacterial breathable nylon lining over the shoulder and neck area prevents rubbing and is comfortable against the pony's skin. A classic, simple but really effective fly rug complete with belly flap for extra protection, support and comfort.
  • Soft interlocking polyester
  • Long integrated neck cover offers more protection whilst grazing
  • Neck cover lined with antibactieral breathable nylon lining over mane
  • 8 gusset comfort system
  • Elasticated shoulder gusset (British design registration 4 010 772)
  • Breathable
  • Double lined over wither and shoulder with antibacterial breathable nylon lining
  • Shaped, designed and contoured over the wither and rump areas
  • Quick release chest clips
  • Secure belly flap
  • Supersize tail flap - double thickness
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Leg Straps must be worn
  • Elasticated tail strap
  • Comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee
  • Machine washable (30), dry naturally
Customer reviews
Excellent rug.
Fits very well.
Rubs badly on my section A ponys shoulders. Despite this it is good quality.
The rug is a soft medium weight knitted fabric. It is a good fit and drapes well. It has the usual good quality fittings and attachments.
However the fabric is not as robust as on the previous fly rugs purchased and the and has started to pill and snag. Also the nylon lining material inserts on the leg seem very flimsy with a poor seam finish.
Having purchased the rug at 40% discount I would consider it value for money.
Lovely rug, we bought this rug for a yearling Colt fell as alternatives makes where either too small around the neck and shoulders or too deep. It is hard wearing, yet lightweight. It doesn't rub his mane, it's perfect - thank you Premier Equine.
Good quality material and a decent fit since it has been cut to fit a pony (rather than just being a shorter version of a horse rug as most are!), but the belly flap is constantly coming off - I don't understand why the velcro isn't double or fitted with buckles for security. Annoying, when the pony really needs the belly flap! Please improve on this design, as it's a good rug otherwise!
Rug as described, tough and resistant to flies.
Nice shape, good fit but very very nasty material.
Taille : 210 cm
Fantastic rug.
I was quite disappointed to find the 5 foot rug was at least 6 inches too big for the pony I had measured him & his other rugs are 5'), because he was so itchy and the rug got dirty while trying it on I I had no option but to leave it on him and order another but in 4'6" Order ID 12834961
This one fits him but the front fastenings are different and have rubbed his chest raw causing more itching. I have always bought Premier Equine rugs and recommended them to others so not very happy right no.
Excellent rug fit perfectly and great value for money.