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Finding the Right Choice of Rug

Finding the Right Choice of Rug
German Blogger Katja explains the importance of choosing the correct rug for the season's ahead

As the seasons begin to change, it is time to start thinking about what rug might be the right choice. In general, at the beginning of the winter the decision is made as to whether a horse does need to be wearing a rug. By nature, the horse has a coat which (as a lot of us know) gets a lot thicker during the winter months, as in the wild they are designed to survive even on the colder days. Take an example of the Icelandic ponies, which defy the weather even in the cold temperatures and snow. Over the years we have domesticated horses and the demands of them are different to what they face in nature however, personally for me I feel it is good when horses cope without any rugs on.

Due to the domestication of horses who are in training, especially as their coat increases during the winter periods the amount they sweat tends to increase, therefore in many cases it is necessary to clip parts or even the whole winter coat. Horses without their natural coat tend to sweat less and also dry faster after training. However, once you have clipped a horse and removed the natural blanket it is important to replace this with a rug.

You can purchase rugs in a number of different styles (whether this is a half neck or they have a full neck attached) and thicknesses, they vary from a 0g Lightweight rug for rainy days when the weather is milder, to a thick padded 450g rug for the very cold, blustery days. There are three levels of rugging a horse and depending on the weather depends which rug you may use, these levels are;
·Lightweight rugs
·Medium weight rugs
·Heavyweight rugs

From the beginning of winter, I first chose to rug Amy up in a 0g Lightweight rug, with this she is protected from the wind and rain showers. However, when the temperatures drop I then feel Amy needs more protection therefore, I find it best to choose a thicker rug. We currently work it so we use the 0g Lightweight rug during the autumn and spring as temperatures are around 10 degrees. But when the temperatures drop to 0 degrees or colder I choose a 200g Rug. We have the Buster 200g Turnout Rug with the detachable Neck Cover, I can then choose weather dependent whether I want to attach the neck cover or not.

Throughout the majority of winter I did not feel Amy needed clipping, and we coped well, however, as we have increased the training period we decided to partially clip. Amy is now in a 200g due to parts of her body been clipped, but if the winter stays cold and the temperatures remain in the minus range I would consider buying a heavyweight rug of 300g or more. In the cases of a full clipped horse, you should of course chose a heavier weight of rug, I feel they may need a 100g or 200g Medium weight during the autumn and spring months then during the winter you will need a heavyweight of around 300g to 450g. But of course this all depends on the horse and how he/she feels the cold.
In addition to the outdoor rugs Amy has, I have also considered the cooler rugs she can wear after exercise to help her dry without getting cold. During the summer months horses dry easier due to the warmer weather, however in winter you need to find another way to dry the sweat so your horse does not catch a cold. I chose the Combo Dry-Tech Cooler Rug, however depending on your needs you can opt for a normal cut rug or one with the integrated neck cover. I feel that if your horse sweats a lot it is best to choose one with a neck piece.

But even with the sweat rugs there are differences, they are either manufactured of fleece or extra functional rugs, made of special materials. We’ve always had fleece sweat rug, however I recently tried and tested the ‘Combo Dry Tech Cooler Rug’ (see the blog here) for the first time this year. Due to the technical three layers integrated into this rug we found it dried the horses even better and faster than any other cooler rugs we have used in the past.
In summary, it can be said that there is no wrong weather but only us choosing the incorrect rug for our horse. We really need to adapt our rugs daily depending on the weather conditions outside. Of course we need to avoid over rugging our horses, as they can quickly get warm. For me depending on the temperature, I adapt the rug to the need of my horse.

A great review from Katja and Amy about the benefits of choosing the correct rug depending on the weather. 

Find out more about the rugs featured in this blog here:

Dry-Tech Cooler Rug can be purchased here at an RRP of £109.99: https://www.premierequine.co.uk/combo-dry-tech-horse-cooler-rug-c2x26757608

Buster 200 Turnout Rug inc neck currently in our End of Season Sale at £97.49 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-200g-turnout-rug-with-neck-cover-c2x23881960 

Buster Hardy 0g Turnout Rug can be purchased here at an RRP £110.00: https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-hardy-0g-half-neck-turnout-rug-c2x23882050

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Introducing the Smart, Supple,
Soft and Stylish Plain Cotton Saddle Pad….

……… Providing the horse with
comfort whilst exercising.

As the summer months approach and
the warm weather increases (hopefully it is going to be a hot one) it is
important to think about the comfort of our horse, and what we put under the
saddle is especially important. If your horse is anything like mine then the
main places he sweats during intense exercise is under his chin, under saddle,
around his girth area, and between his hind legs. Like many horse's, Rupert is
very sensitive and if he is uncomfortable he certainly lets me know about it. Finding
the perfect saddle pad is something I can control, ensuring the fit is right is
important for the horses comfort, performance, and your scores! A poor fit will
see the saddle pad moving backwards under the saddle, or rubbing the horse
especially on the shoulders from the corner of the saddle pad.

Finding a saddle pad which truly
fits has been difficult over the years, as Rupert is 165cm but very compact (he
only wears a 6’0” Rug). I have found many problems trying to find a saddle pad
that fits, the full (horse) size is too big and the small/medium is too s
mall. Rupert is also very high withered, I have found with many other saddle pads that they put too much pressure onto his wither, which can also cause a restriction when he is trying to come up through his shoulder. As mentioned earlier he is so sensitive he struggles (especially at the moment as his summer coat is coming through) with rubbing on his shoulders, therefore I need to find a saddle pad which is soft but has enough padding to protect his sensitive skin. Finding the perfect saddle pad can be a minefield…..

                      ….. that was until I found the ‘Premier
Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square’.

I first purchased a Plain Cotton
Saddle Pad from Premier Equine around 8 years ago when I got my first ‘proper’
dressage horse. I am impressed to say that to this date this saddle pad is
still getting used. It has washed well and still looks as good as new, ensuring
I am suitably well presented for the competition arena. The durability of the ‘Premier
Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square’ has represented very good value for money.
Given my satisfaction with the Premier Equine Dressage Square, I was excited to
trial the newly launched ‘Premier Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square’. On
first impressions the saddle pad did not disappoint. You can really tell that
Premier Equine have used the highest quality cotton from how soft and supple
the saddle pad is. From the first wear it was the perfect fit, sitting just
right. As always Premier Equine have considered the needs of the horse and what
riders really look for in a saddle pad.

I decided that the perfect place
to trial the Premier Equine Plain
Cotton Dressage Square was a BD Youth Training and Test Riding Session, this
includes an approximate 45 minute session all together. As the session was
quite intense I was impressed to see that the anti-wick fibres really worked to
control the heat and sweat under the saddle. During the session the saddle pad did
not move due to the adjustable Velcro straps which helped keep the saddle pad
in place during the session. As mentioned earlier Rupert is very high withered,
the high wither design in this saddle pad allows him to have the extra room
where he needs it, making it more comfortable when he works up through his
shoulder during the higher level movements. The subtle yet distinctive PE Branding
along the spine and on the girth straps adds a simple, stylish and immediately
recognisable finishing touch to the saddle pad. As always Premier Equine really
have thought about every finer detail putting the horse’s needs first.

One thing I have found with
saddle pads in the past is once used (especially in the summer heat) the saddle
can sometimes dye the saddle pad black. After a wash on 30 degrees and allowed
to dry naturally the saddle pad has come up as good as new, and it is ready to use
for the next competition. I cannot wait to continue using this saddle pad over
the summer months and for years to come, knowing that Rupert is going to be
comfortable under the saddle during training and competitions.

Not only can these saddle pads be
used for competitions they also come in a number of different colours making
them the perfect saddle pad for both competing and everyday training, you can
purchase your ‘Plain Cotton Dressage Square’ here. Priced at £31.00 you really
are getting the best quality saddle pad for a great price and with how long
they last you really are getting good value for money.

You do not need a dressage saddle
to purchase the Plain Cotton Saddle Pad as they are also available in GP/Jump
Squares, making them the perfect saddle pad for all riders across all
disciplines. You can search the wide range of Saddle Pads from Premier Equine

***Please be advised these saddle pads are not sold with the 'PE' branding logo on the side***

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Fit's Like A Glove

Fit's Like A Glove

Introducing the lightweight,
breathable and stylish Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves… 

  …To give you that second skin
feeling, enhancing the connection between you and your horse. 

For me gloves are very personal,
all of us have different shaped hands and prefer different thickness and
materials. Personally, having larger hands and long fingers finding the perfect
glove has proven difficult. As I compete in Dressage it is important in having
a glove which allows me to keep a consistent contact, giving me enough
protection (there is nothing worse than blisters on your fingers) but is thin
enough I know I am giving the correct supple aids and I can feel the horses
contact correctly without a glove interfering. I find I work best with a glove
that is soft, supple and close fitting. But it has proven difficult to find all
of things I like a glove to provide in one….

…..that was until I found the
‘Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Glove’.

When I first received the ‘Mizar
Ladies Leather Riding Gloves I was in the middle of trying to find a new riding
glove that would live up to the job of what I need a glove for. I was thrilled
to find that a) how supple and soft the gloves where and b) how well they
fitted. Sizing for me when it
comes to gloves is so difficult, due to the shape of my hands. I am impressed
to say that the ‘Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves’ really did fit like a
glove (sorry for the pun). I went for the size medium; usually in another
popular brand I wear the 7”. I found that the fingers were nice and deep which
really benefited me, as it allowed me to have the movement and freedom needed
without the usually restriction I usually face. Like always Premier Equine have tailored for everyone
with the sizes ranging for a XS to XXL.

The colouring of the glove was so close
to the one seen on the website, with many brands sometimes when you receive a
product they are not always accurate to the colour which was shown on the
website, how Premier Equine is different it was so true to the colour you
thought you were actually buying. You can currently purchase the ‘Mizar Ladies
Leather Riding Gloves’ in Tan, Navy and Black making them perfect for everyday
and competition use (especially since BD have changed the rule so you can wear
any muted tone glove for competing)


You can really tell that Premier
Equine have put a lot of thought and consideration into their products to
provide the perfect glove whether this is for the everyday pleasure rider, or
the professional preparing to go round Badminton. Having used these gloves for
around six weeks now, I am impressed to say they still look as good as new.
From the first time I used the gloves I was so impressed with how supple they
were, they didn’t take any wearing in. If you’re anything like me there is
nothing worse than your hands over heating, which usually means sweaty, swollen
hands. By the end of my sessions I had completely forgotten I was wearing
gloves, the upper lycra mesh along the knuckles and thumb, combined with
ventilation holes not only allows extra movement and comfort but also allows
fabulous breathability and air flow, dispersing moisture and regulating temperature.I really felt a more secure contact due to the suede sections on the fingers designed
to lay where the reins passes over and through the fingers, gently supporting
and creating a secure grip. The Velcro adjustable pull-tight closure including
the ‘PE’ Branding not only adds to the stylish finishing touch of the glove but
makes it personal for everyone meaning that you can ensure that the glove fits
just right for you.

Over the past few weeks I have
tried and tested these gloves in a number of different circumstances including
BD Youth Test Assessment Days and lots of training sessions preparing for the
season, which for me starts on Sunday for our first BD of the year. For those
that don’t know the BD Youth Assessments are judged on your riding, and how
effectively you ride the test not how you and the horse performs as a whole, I have achieved scores ranging from 77%-80% with
comments complementing the contact and connection I have with my horse. I
really feel that it is the lightweight leather gloves, mixed with the Lycra
panelling and suede finger tips which have helped improve this as it is something I have struggled with in the past,
with comments on my previous BD Tests that his contact varies.I believe that it is due to how lightweight
the gloves are making me really feel and have a strong, positive connection
down the rein which has helped me achieve these marks.

The 'Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves' can be purchased here at a RRP £27.00. 

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2019 Season Preparation With The Professionals: Part 2

2019 Season Preparation With The Professionals: Part 2

In Part 2 of 2019 Season Preparation with The Professionals,

we catch up with sponsored riders: Matt Brown, Phillip Curtis and Sadie 
Lock to get their top tips for preparing for the 2019 season in their chosen discipline. 

Matt Brown 

"I like to keep a training log for each horse at the beginning of the year,
writing out my training and showing plan for the entire year for that horse,
remembering that this will be a simple road map and that we may have to adjust
our goals as the year progresses. It will also include notes for each day, what
we worked on in the ring, what went well, what needs improving and
other observations or events throughout the day. It can be helpful
and easy to keep notes on your phone." 

"At the beginning of your ride, take several minutes to think about what you
want to accomplish during the session and take time to simply feel your horse
with no agenda while he warms up, are they relaxed? are they balanced? and then
adjust your plan from there."

"Most importantly, get into the habit of letting go of what ever you have been
dealing with during your day before you grab your horse's halter. Count to five
and let it go, those issues will still be there for you to deal with after your

"Create time to deliberately practice just one aspect of a technique, for
example take five minutes of your ride to focus primarily on your hands staying
still and together, during that time do not worry about anything else." 

"Out of the saddle I find it great to practice partner exercises with another
person, such as push hands in Tai Chi or other martial arts for balance and use
of force, all of which can be transferred back to your riding." 

"Practice elasticity in your arms by picking up the reins and finding a neutral
contact with the horse's mouth and simply try to follow the motion of the
horse's head and neck without slack in the contact." 

"My favourite Premier Equine products are the Air Cooled original eventing boots, Kevlar
no-turn over reach boots and the Kevlar Airtechnology tendon & fetlock

Photo credit: Sherry Stewart 2018 

Phillip Curtis

"My single top tip for preparing for the new season would be not to expect too
much at once. Rome was not built in a day. Set small and marginal goals and
build up training gradually. It does not matter how long it takes, just to keep
on persevering and never give up." 

"I have just started my new job and I have been working hard, trying to get the
horses more relaxed and used to me and I find that gymnastic exercises work
best for keeping me in balance and the horses loose and free." 

"My favourite piece of Premier Equine equipment has to be my Pro Rider jacket,
it is freezing here in Germany so I'm glad to be wearing it every day." 

Sadie Lock 

"Although the season finished back in October, I haven't stopped riding since
then. I previously gave the ponies a couple of months off until January but
with the awful winter weather we have and having various small winter shows, I
found it hard to get them all fit to a level I was happy with before the season
kicked off again in March/ April time." 

"At the end of January I began doing some games training on them, building up
all the right muscles that they need for stopping and turning, as well as
bringing on the novice pony, Ruby who is only 5 and has never done games before
we got her 6 months ago." 

"Now, the ponies get some down time from games but they still hack out 5 times a
week (if not more) and some of them head out showjumping or to pony club

"As I am currently in my final year of University, I really appreciate the help
of my mum and sister to keep the 5 ponies in work while I concentrate on my

"Not many people would think it but schooling and good flat work is really key
to making a good games pony as they have to be so well balanced and supple to be
able to turn, stop and accelerate like they do so most games ponies will be
very well schooled and balanced." 

"As the season is approaching we will have a few low-key shows that I will be
taking them all to, to get them back into the swing of things and get all of
the excited bucks out of their system before the main shows being in

"My top tips for training would be don't overdo it- ponies aren't machines. Mix
up training with hacking and schooling so they do not get bored." 

"Schooling can be beneficial to help with turning, stopping and general balance.
If you find it boring, do some around the equipment and through poles etc to
mix it up." 

"Make sure your pony is suitably fit and maintains fitness throughout the

"Remember it is not always about doing everything flat-out, sometimes slowing it
down and working on technique and accuracy is more beneficial." 

"My favourite pieces of equipment are : the Premier Equine sports medicine
boots, they are perfect for games. Not only are they protective, they come in a
range of sizes and with most being small ponies and some companies forgetting
that ponies exist, I'd never be without these boots." 

"The Premier Equine infrared rug is a life saver! I use it on all my ponies at
competitions before and after exercise and it really makes a difference." 

"As our ponies do a lot of travelling to international shows they are usually
stabled for the week. I use the Premier Equine magnetic boots while they are
stabled and before and after training sessions as I've found them great to help
prevent any swelling or soreness."

"My single most important piece of equipment- a list! although I take nearly the
same things every weekend, I can't start packing the lorry on a Friday without
writing one!" 

Thank you to our fantastic sponsored riders for their advice, tips and tricks to getting your 2019 season off to a great start, whatever your discipline. We hope everybody has a great start to the season - happy training! 

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2019 Season Preparation With The Professionals

2019 Season Preparation With The Professionals
The 2019 season is fast approaching... 
We catch up with our sponsored riders for their tips, tricks and preparation for the new season ahead.

Nick Gauntlett 

"Don't be surprised or panicked if you & your horse are a bit rusty at first after some time off from training, with progressive practice and structured training, the rust will fall off quickly." 

"After a winter break, don't try to work on all areas at once. Focus on a quality canter and rhythm, getting the horse to take responsibility to do their job and build up the training gradually. If you have a quality, rhythmic canter from the beginning the other elements of training will be easier to introduce back into your schedule gradually." 

"My favourite pieces of  equipment for the eventing season are my Premier Equine cross eventing boots and the very versatile stratus horse stable sheets."

Tapner Eventing Team

Paul, Georgina and rising star Madison Tapner

"Currently, Georgina's horse is training towards his first PSG and the Petplan dressage championships. They are consolidating all the movements together before they head out to classes in the spring. Paul is busy training the horses and coaching rising star and niece, Madison Tapner, who is having fun competing in arena eventing classes, showjumping and doing lots of training."

Madison Tapner riding Twister, who she won the Pony Club Novice Championships on. 

"Our top tip for training would be to only pick one or two things to work on per session to improve, and break each element down into smaller parts to help. For example if you are working on quality of circles, break this down into sections such as 'leaving the track" "bend" and "rejoining the track" so that it is broken into chunks to focus your efforts."

"We have so many Premier Equine products that we couldn't manage without, but one of our favourites has to be the tail guard with bag. There is nothing worse than getting to a competition with mess all over the tail! Especially as Paul's horse has a white tail. We also love the combo rug liners that we use daily under the horses other rugs to help to keep them clean as they are easily washable".

"We use the Premier Equine magnet boots to help circulation and to aid recovery in the legs after exercise". 

Nicolas Touzaint

"My horses have a winter holiday from November to December, where they only go on the horse walker, get turned out in the field and ridden 3 times a week schooling and hacking only. In January, I began to bring them back into work seriously and gradually introduce jumping and gallop training. In February I will do one or two cross country training sessions and their first competition will be in March."

"My top tip for planning a new season is splitting it into two parts. I first set myself a goal for the first half (May-June) and then another goal for the end of the season (September-October) which keeps me focused with a clear objective for each half of the season."

"My favourite Premier Equine product is my Buster Waffle Cooler which is great as a travel rug, a cooler for after exercise or for when in the stable." 

Frank & Sara Algotsson Ostholt 

"At the moment we do a lot of basic work on the flat, trotting out on a more solid surface along with a lot of gymnastic work over poles." 

"To build up strength in the horses and to get them active from behind we recommend doing a lot of cavaletti work on circles or straight lines, in both trot and canter." 

"Our favourite Premier Equine equipment has to be the eventing boots" 

Natalie Povey 

"In preparation for the new season I plan on going to a few pole clinics which will help develop Tidy's paces, core strength and fitness. It is also great to get Tidy out and about to different venues ready for the competition environment." 

"I normally work Tidy five out of seven days and I always spend a good amount of time warming up on a long rein, achieving a good stretch." 

"My top tips for training for the new season would be to always enjoy what you are doing and have a goal to work towards for each individual training session to keep you on track."

"Our favourite pieces of equipment has to be the Premier Equine PremTex cooler rug which has endless uses such as in the stable while cooling down, travelling or as an extra layer. We also love our Premier Equine exercise sheet which is perfect for training in the cooler, damp weather." 

George Meyrick 

"We start our preparation for the new season in good time so that the horses are not having to be pushed too hard to get to the level of fitness required for their first matches of the summer. They will come in on the 1st of March and build their fitness up slowly until their first games in May." 

"A key point for training is to recognise that every horse is different and so will require a different type of training/ work. Tailor this to each individual horse to get the most out of their work." 

"My favourite piece of equipment is probably my Premier Equine breeches - they are really comfortable to ride in." 

Aurora Eastwood 

"In preparation for the new season the ponies will do four weeks of steady walking if they've had six months off, and then build up gradually from there. In regards to my personal preparation for the season, I like to work on my own fitness and will probably start to play squash again, as it is fun and sharpens me up. It is important not to neglect your own fitness whilst planning your horse's return to work." 

"My tops tips for training would be to learn from other disciplines, there is something to be learned from other horse sports." 

"When training, look to improve ten things by 1%, not one thing by 10%." 

"In regards to equipment, I like technical and innovative products, so I was a fan of Premier Equine's Air Cooled eventing boots from the start. I also like the infrared boots, especially on older horses whose legs fill when stood in." 

Great to hear the top tips and tricks from some of out sponsored riders for bringing horses back into training ready for a new season, fitness advice and goal setting prompts to use in our own training regimes for the 2019 season. 

Check out part 2 for more advice, tips and knowledge from our sponsored riders; Matt Brown, Phillip Curtis & Sadie Lock.

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Combo Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug Review With Katja & Amy @zauberponyamy

Combo Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug Review With Katja & Amy @zauberponyamy

German Blogger Katja Reviews The Combo Dry-Tech Cooler Rug 

I think it's best if horses can keep their winter coat and do not need to be
clipped. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided with the modern
horse and clipping ensures that the horse sweats less and is comfortable while

"Currently Amy is not clipped, so getting her coat dry after riding is
always a challenge. As long as the riding unit is free, I always see that
there are many pauses to rest however, sometimes the stronger sweating cannot
be avoided."

"It is
certainly not possible for everyone to put their horse under a heat lamp after
drying and personally, this method is not for me."

"If the
time frame allows, I put my horse with a cooler on in the box and ask a friend
to change Amy’s rug later on. But as we currently also drive in the
evening for training, this possibility does not exist. My horse should be
as dry as possible before I leave the stable."

"In our
case, we still have a trailer ride home after training so I took a look around
for a new cooler. So far, we have always had only normal fleece blankets,
but after hearing that there are blankets of other materials that dry faster, I
became curious."

addition to better sweat drying my new blanket should also have a neck
cover, because Amy gets very sweaty on her neck. So excited about the
quality and fit of my Premier Equine winter blanket, I looked there for a new
cooler. In addition to normal fleece blankets, there is also a cooler
which is supposed to wick away moisture due
to the material. The decision was made quickly, we wanted to test the
Premier Equine 'Combo Dry-Tech Horse Cooler'."

cooler is a model with neck cover, but it is also available without a neck
cover. The blanket is not made of classic fleece, but of a special
construction of layers.

"The outer
has a fine quilting, the pattern resembles a waffle. From the outside, the
outer rug is kept in a plain navy, the inside, however, is bright red. The
special thing about the layering system is that it ensures that the moisture is
better drawn away from the horse's coat to the outside, speeding up drying

"The fit
is anatomically cut and fits closely to the horse’s body so that it can perform
well. Amy also looks very slim in the blanket, which of course does not
matter. The neck part is also suitable for horses with a very long neck.
Amy's neck is very short. However, this is not a problem at all, the
slightly too long piece can simply be turned over and folded back. For horses
with a longer neck, the neck part will fit perfectly."

blanket has two sturdy metal closures on the chest, which works well. Many
cooler rugs have a bad closure at the front. The "Combo
Dry-Tech" has a very strong Velcro on the chest and neck. Again, I am
totally convinced of the stability and quality of workmanship with this blanket
by Premier Equine."

"Due to
the chest straps, cross surcingles and the tail strap, you can travel your
horse in the rug or leave them in stable, because the rug cannot slip. I
lovingly made the joke that Amy now has a new pyjamas."

blanket was used for the first time after a strenuous workout. Amy was
very wet and still had to travel home on the trailer. While I had hauled a
horse in a wet blanket the week before, Amy was actually almost dry this
week. The blanket itself was not completely wet and she was drier than
with a regular blanket."

after the next training session, my first impression has been confirmed and the
horse actually dries better. Of course, the blanket is not a magic cloak
where the horse is completely dry after 10 minutes, but in a shorter time she
is drier."

"In addition, the blanket itself dries better than a fleece
blanket. Due to the wet weather in the last few weeks, I often had problems
in the barn, that my cooler rugs are no longer properly dried. With the
new blanket, this was better. The blanket goes very well with our Premier
Equine travel boots."

A great review from Katja & Amy of the Combo Dry-Tech
Horse Cooler Rug and the benefits it provides. 

Constructed using three layers
of technical fabrics, the Combo
Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug
 is at the forefront of cooling
technology. The lining is constructed using a lightweight waffle weave which is
highly absorbent, durable and helps quickly wick away moisture from your
horse’s coat. The middle layer contains a thermo bonded filling which is light,
breathable and offers added protection from chills, it also help draw and
disperse moisture speeding up drying time. 

Find out more about how the Combo
Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug 
benefit your horse or to purchase here RRP £109.99 : https://www.premierequine.co.uk/combo-dry-tech-horse-cooler-rug-c2x26757608 

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Guest Blogger India Malyon Reviews The Titan 200g Turnout Rug

Guest Blogger India Malyon Reviews The Titan 200g Turnout Rug

Guest Blogger India Malyon Reviews The Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover & Tells Us Why She Loves Premier Equine

"With winter now in full swing, to 'rug or not to rug' is the most popular question. With the choice of clipping
away some of that fluffy winter fur, most will choose to rug their horses or
ponies during this season. With my pony Ariarna, I have chosen to rug her a
little bit lighter as she currently is not clipped out. However, Rio my little
sisters pony, is fully clipped out so we feel that rugging him is necessary.
With that in mind we started the search for a warm rug for him. We decided that
the new rug should have a detachable neck, as this can cover a range of
different temperatures, without having to change rugs constantly."

"We chose the 200g Titan turnout
rug from Premier Equine, having the choice of adjustable leg straps or a PVC
(easily washable and detachable) tail strap, you can choose between whichever
suits your horse the best, or even both! As well as being dual purpose for use
day and night, the Titan 200g Turnout Rug comes in navy, purple or red so you can keep
in with your desired colour scheme! With added Hi-Viz for horse visibility this
rug is also perfect for hand walking, or just purely trying to spot your horse
in the dark!"

"Compatible with Premier Equine rug liners,
this is the most versatile anti-bacterial rug that you will find. On purchasing Premier Equine rugs you will receive a 1 year manufacturer’s

My Experience with
Premier Equine Rugs

"4 years ago when I first got
Ariarna, I purchased a Premier Equine 450g turnout rug, today I still have the
same rug and even when it has been washed it still comes up looking brand
new and it’s still fully waterproof. I am so impressed by these rugs that when I
purchase my new future horse, I will make sure his/her wardrobe is all Premier Equine! I couldn’t recommend them enough."

"With sizes and styles to
suit any kind of horse or pony, big or small, slight or chunky, Premier Equine
have got it covered!"

"Use my discount code ‘INDIA10’ for
10% off selected full priced products"

Have a good ride,

From @my_girl_ariarna

A great review of the Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover from guest blogger India, the Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover is available in both Horse and Pony sizes. 

Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover currently with 35% off WAS £169.99 NOW £110.49 click here to view.

Pony Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover currently with 35% off WAS £149.99 NOW £97.49 click here to view.

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Hacking Out Down-Under

Hacking Out Down-Under

Hacking Out Down-Under

Guest Blog By Lisa Alderson

do a fair bit of trail riding in Australia. Those that live in the country can
usually ride out from their front gate, but those that live in suburbia or live
on busy roads, often have to float to parks and forests that allow horses, to
get that well needed bush ride. We usually share those tracks, not only with
other bush users, but various types of unique Aussie wildlife, some cute and
friendly, some quite deadly!"


days before Christmas I decided to ride out in Bunyip State Park with two
friends, there is a nice 10k loop track, and safe float unloading area in the
unloaded, saddled up, and I popped on Allies Premier Equine Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots Boots".


always boot in hard shell boots to ride out, we quite often have to navigate around fallen trees, the boots protect against sharp sticks, plus the
tracks are gated and locked with steel cavaletti to cross to allow horse
access, but still keep out cars and motorbikes. The Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots are
perfect for this, protection without overheating! Little did I know that my
decision that day to use my Premier Equine boots, was going to save my horses life!"


the time we had reached the halfway point we had already encountered some of
the locals, a couple of wild deer, the obligatory kangaroo, and a beautiful big
Lace Monitor lizard that came out of nowhere and shot up a tree and caused all
three horses to spook!"


had just reached the end of the loop and had turned for home. We were riding on
a loose rein along a cleared fire road, with grass verges slightly higher than
the road."


of the corner of my eye I caught movement to my left and we all heard a thud, I
looked down just as the rider behind me yelled SNAKE! To my horror, coiled on
the grass verge was a Tiger snake, one of the world’s most deadly snakes,
coiled and flared, ready to strike again. Thankfully at the first strike
Allie had stepped sideways, and Lauren behind me was able to pull up in time to
go around out of range."


pulled up a few meters up the road, and Tara jumped off her horse to check
Allies leg for blood, Lauren had seen the strike hit and was pretty sure that
the snake had struck the hard shell of Allies Premier Equine boot, rather than sinking it's fangs into her leg, the thud we all heard was the strike on the boot. 
spent the rest of the ride back to the float watching carefully for any signs
of weakness or wobbliness in Allie."


feel so thankful that I made the decision to ride in those boots, we were still
a long ride from anywhere we could seek vet attention, if Allie had not been
wearing her Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots that day, I doubt I would still
have my mare!"

We are so glad that Lisa, Allie and all of the horses and riders are fine after their close encounter with a deadly tiger snake. Lisa's experience really highlights the different challenges that us riders face in different parts of the world while riding out. 

The Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots have a double density shell providing outer protection, with layers of Kevlar and shockproof materials to minimise the effects of knocks or strikes. Ventilated neoprene helps to prevent heat build up and exterior vents allow maximum breathability. 

Available in 8 vibrant colours, with Fetlock boots to match available to purchase separately.

Also available: Techno Wool Tendon & Fetlock Boots. 

Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots £59.99 : https://www.premierequine.co.uk/kevlar-airtechnology-tendon-boots-c2x21438838

Kevlar Airtechnology Fetlock Boots £39.99 : https://www.premierequine.co.uk/kevlar-airtechnology-fetlock-boots-c2x21438848

Our Top Tips for Trail Riding & Hacking Out 

- Let somebody know where you are riding out, and approximately how long you will be. Especially if you are riding out alone. 

- Take your mobile phone with you, and make sure it is well charged for emergencies. 

- If the area you are riding in is new to you, see if it has a track with signs or find a map and plan your route before you set off. 

- Dress appropriately, ensure you and your horse will be a comfortable temperature. 

- Be aware of the local wildlife and be considerate of where you ride. 

- Be protected. Always wear a correctly fitting helmet and ensure your horse is protected from knocks and scrapes with protective boots. 

Enjoy the outdoors, and have a safe ride.  



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Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks

Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks

Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks 

Happy 2019! Christmas and New Year came and went in a flash.
Whether you spent it with family, relaxing with your horses or maybe you had to
work the holiday period? We hope you had a good one and managed to find some
time for yourself.

With the festivities out of the way, it is time to start planning
your most amazing season yet.

What are your 2019 goals?

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you visualise
reaching them, say them out loud or write them down. Grab a pen and ask
yourself these questions:

What have you
achieved so far?
It is good to reflect on how far you have come.

Where do you want to
Establishing a clear vision is key, whether it is flying over fences at
Badminton or maybe going clear at a local show, having a goal and visualising
yourself achieving it will help in all your efforts working towards it.

What skills gaps/
challenges are standing in your way?
Establishing areas that require
improvement for you to reach your goal will allow you to address them, one by

If your goal is to compete in dressage this year, for
example, but you lack accuracy of movements or straightness, this is a skills
gap that then can be addressed with lessons and training.

Timescale: how long
will it take me to address these challenges?
Give yourself an achievable
time frame to work on your skills gaps or challenges, taking into consideration
other commitments such as work, family and budget.

Complete confidence Have
complete confidence that your horse is healthy, happy and can perform by having
your horse regularly checked by qualified professionals. You can then be
assured that any issues in training are not due to your horse feeling
uncomfortable from any health problems.

Get the right kit What do you already have, and what will you need? Ensuring your kit is fit for
purpose is essential.


Whatever your goal, we’ve got your back! Get kitted out
ready take on 2019 in our end of season sale with hundreds of fantastic
savings, we’ve picked out our favourites just for you.


Titan 450g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS £179.99
NOW £116.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-450g-heavyweight-turnout-rug-c2x21443710

Buster Storm 400g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS
£154.99 NOW £100.74 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-storm-400g-turnout-rug-c2x23881876

Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS £169.99
NOW £110.49 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-200g-medium-weight-turnout-rug-c2x21443576

Lucanta Duplex Complete 2 in 1 Stable Rug 25% off WAS
£159.99 NOW £119.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/lucanta-duplex-complete-2-in-1-stable-rug-c2x26757616

Buster Fleece Cooler Rug – Original 35% off WAS £54.99 NOW
£35.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-fleece-cooler-rug-original-c2x26757537


Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

Navento Ladies Competition/ Show Jacket 50% off WAS £99.99
NOW £49.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/sale-navento-ladies-competition-show-jacket-c2x27094809

Combretta Technical Riding Layer 40% off WAS £39.99 NOW
£23.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/combretta-technical-riding-layer-c2x21441184

Chia Lightweight Technical Riding Layer 40% off WAS £39.99
NOW £23.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/chia-lightweight-technical-riding-layer-c2x25540622

Olympia Ladies Country Fleece Riding Jacket 40% off WAS
£34.99 NOW £21.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/olympia-ladies-fleece-gilet-c2x23882510

Celia Gel Riding Breeches 40% off WAS £79.99 NOW £48.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/celia-gel-riding-breeches-c2x21441089

Denver Ladies Leather Paddock/Riding Boots 40% off WAS £64.99 NOW £39.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/denver-leather-riding-boots-c2x24989005

Premier Equine Knitted Bobble Hat 40% off WAS £16.99 NOW
£10.20 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/premier-equine-knitted-bobble-hat-c2x21324490



Set goals, grab a bargain and make 2019 YOUR year! 

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End of Year Round Up with Competition Winner Rebekah Hampton

End of Year Round Up with Competition Winner Rebekah Hampton
End of Year Round Up with Competition Winner Rebekah Hampton 

Taking a look back at 2018 and our Olympia International Horse Show ticket winner, Rebekah Hampton, gives us a review of her day at Olympia. 

"Hello, I am Rebekah the lucky winner of the
Olympia ticket giveaway."
"I decided to take my mum as she deserved a nice day out as she spends
so many days and weekends with me throughout the year eventing and training so I thought this would be something nice for us to do together, with less stress! We caught the train from Newark to King's Cross and dropped our bags off at our hotel, then headed over to Olympia."

decided to stay over Friday night to do a bit of ‘human’ shopping on the
Saturday, although it is far easier to spend money on the horses than on ourselves!"

"After spending a few hours browsing and shopping, the evening performances began. The first performance was the Kennel Club Dog Agility which was very exciting and a really good performance to start the night, and then on to the Shetland Grand National which was exhilarating and super cute. I now want a Shetland, as I am sure the majority of the audience will to." 

"Next up was the Azerbaijan 'Land of Fire' and although it is not something I thought we would be into, it was a great performance which was extremely interesting. We haven't seen anything like them before!" 

"This was followed by the La Garde Républicaine – Reprise des
Douze’ which was something that we really enjoyed, the dressage horses were simply stunning! I think that was my
favourite performance of the night as well
as the Longines Christmas cracker showjumping, I mean wow!"

riding and the horses were just incredible, lots of really beautiful horses! My
particular favourite being Controe ridden by Harry Charles, a horse I also
really liked when previously ridden by Laura Collett so it was nice to watch."

"Me and my mum really enjoyed our evening and felt very lucky winning the

"Thank you, Rebekah Hampton." 

We're glad Rebekah had such a wonderful day, if you get chance to go to Olympia then you really must go! Premier Equine sponsor Olympia International Horse Show every year and the atmosphere is like nothing else. 

Did you spot our sponsored winners rugs? 

2018 has been an action-packed year bringing many highs and lows in equestrian sport. We bid 2018 a fond farewell, and welcome 2019 with open arms for an exciting year ahead! 

End of season sale is now on, with 40% off on selected lines. Check out the fantastic savings at www.premierequine.co.uk while stocks last. * 
Excludes vouchers & discount codes. Discount applies to in-stock products only.

What will 2019 bring you? We wish you a very happy New Year, from all at Premier Equine. 

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Sponsored Rider Natalie Povey Discusses the Importance of Going Back to Basics

Sponsored Rider Natalie Povey Discusses the Importance of Going Back to Basics

Sponsored Rider Natalie Povey Discusses the Importance of Going Back to Basics 

and this month has been fairly quite so I have been focusing on training at
home, now the nights have drawn in we have been training in the dark under the
school lights.

has been feeling rather full of herself now the colder nights have come and has
been rather forward in the trot so I went back to basics for a couple of weeks
working on transitions and making sure she was listening. She is never naughty,
she just enjoys her work so wants to get on with her job.

working on the basics I have focused on our accuracy, especially riding our
corners and turns as we like to miss them out sometimes, I have made myself
ride as if I am in a competition in order to focus on every movement as I think
when we are at home training on our own it’s easy to get into bad habits.

have also been working on the contact I give Tidy down the reins as sometimes my
left hand likes to wander and not work as hard as my right so I have
consciously been focusing on the positioning of my hands – it has made a huge
difference. Now Tidy is working and progressing well I can work on the
attention to detail to complete the picture.

has also had her second clip of the year – I was surprised how much of a coat
she had grown since her last clip last month. She is much happier now and
easier to cool off after a training session."

Whether you compete at International level or you're preparing for your first local show, going back to basics to perfect integral elements of riding can help in any discipline. The walk is often the most neglected gait, which is exactly where points can be gained in dressage. Get the walk (or any other primary element of riding) working great for you, and you set yourself up for a much better overall result. 

Next time you ride, consciously focus of every single movement, aid, transition and halt and see how much of a difference this makes, before working on the finer details to perfect a show-stopping performance. 

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East West Training Stables 2018 Year End Recap Takeover

East West Training Stables 2018 Year End Recap Takeover

East West Training Stables 2018 Year End Recap Takeover 

Sponsored Rider Matt Brown has had a fantastic year, read his highlights and plans for 2019 with some exciting prospects. 

year has been jam-packed for Matt, Cecily, and their entire team. After a long
year, the horses are all on their winter break before they head down to South
Carolina at the end of December. They plan to start the 2019 show season in
January and will be working hard all winter to prepare. Check out a short recap
of their year.

Matt and Big Berry. Photo credit: Sherry Stewart

Gartenberg’s Big Berry recently came in 7th at the Fair Hill International
CCI2*. Matt plans to aim him for the Pan American Games next year in addition
to a CCI3*, and the Olympics in Tokyo the following year. He’s a very exciting
horse for the future!

Matt and Cecily also have Super Socks BCF, who placed 6th at the
2017 Rolex Kentucky 4*. They are excited to have him back out next year!

 Photo credit: Mike McNally 

They also have some really exciting young horses coming up as
well, including Just the Zip and Ben de la Creme, two 5 year old off the track
thoroughbreds who are very promising. Both finished in the top ten of the Young
Event Horse East Coast Championships this fall. They hope to aim both of them
at a one star in 2019, with the goal being to qualify them both for Le Lion
7-year-Old CCI* Championships in 2020.



The 5 year olds showing off. Photo credit: Sherry Stewart

also have Sunsprite Warmblood’s Sunsprite Huatulco, who will begin his eventing
career in Aiken. He has shown so much potential already and they are looking
forward to his debut.

Lastly, Matt and Cecily have a great group of students including
Mia Braundel and Alexa Gartenberg, who just did their first two stars this
year, and Anna Honeycutt, who just had a great showing at the Ocala Jockey Club


Alexa. Photo credit: Newsflash Photography 


Mia. Photo credit: Photography In Stride 

it really has been an incredible year and as you can tell, there are plenty
more exciting things to look forward to in 2019. Matt and Cecily would like to
thank you all for your support this year. It means the world to them and they
can’t wait to continue to share their journey with you.

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Buster 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover Review with Katja & Amy @zauberponyamy

Buster 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover Review with Katja & Amy @zauberponyamy

Buster 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover Review with Katja & Amy @zauberponyamy 

The summer is finally over and the temperatures are continuously
below 10 degrees. The weather report has already shown that there will be
the first frosty nights in the next few days. As Amy's back is very tense,
especially in the rain, Amy wears a Turnout Rug again.

After the weather has become more and more extreme in recent
years and even the summer was unbearably hot, I fear something similar for the
winter. As it rains more and more often and the temperatures are so cold,
I went in search of a new, padded winter blanket for the Pony. Our horses get turned out all year round so I wanted a good protective blanket.

Our stable is located on top of a mountain, where it is always
very windy. The horses need to be protected from all weather conditions so we needed good quality rugs to keep her warm and dry. In addition, Amy
has a paddock box and can stand outside at night, which she enjoys. With the Buster 200, she can stay warmer while she is out 

Since we have already had good experiences with many other
products from Premier Equine, the choice for the new winter blanket came from
the Premier Equine website. The English sizes are a bit different than German
equestrian shops. At first, I was a bit confused about what size we had to
choose. Luckily there is a great guide and size chart on the homepage. You
have to measure the horse in two steps:

Step 1: Determine the size of the horse

For this one measure the height of the withers from the highest
point, to the ground. Amy is 1.50 meters tall.

Step 2: Determine the length of the horse

To do this, measure the length of the horse from the middle of
the chest to the end of the hind leg.

A look at the table then showed that we need the blanket in size
"5.9". After ordering I was a little scared that I could have
measured Amy wrong and she would either have to wear a rug that was big, or a
rug that would not close! The concern was completely unfounded, because when I
put the blanket on the horse for the first time, I saw how great the rug fit

The fit of the blanket is great! It fits like a
glove. The beauty is that there are not only the German standard sizes,
but also many intermediate sizes, so you can find the perfect blanket for
almost every horse.

The blanket has a Velcro fastener on the chest, over which 2 clips
are attached. Under the belly, the blanket is closed as usual with two
abdominal straps. In addition, it also has leg loops, which are
particularly useful for horses that like to roll, because the blanket does not
slip or move around on the horse.

The tail strap is covered with a rubber cover. It's the
first blanket where I've seen this and I think the idea is really good. As
a rule, there are always residues of horse droppings on the belt, which is not
so nice when touching that part of the rug. With this blanket, the strap
can be easily wiped off with a cloth when needed.

All straps can be easily adapted to the individual size of the
horse. So if Amy gets another large belly we can just adjust the cross
straps to make them a bit longer.

Visually, the blanket is an absolute eye-catcher. Purple is
my favourite colour and I am very happy that Amy now has a purple
blanket. Due to the contrasting seams, the blanket looks very noble. I
especially like the reflective strips, as the horse is so visible even in the
dark. This rug is also available in green. 

The blanket is very high quality and well made, it is waterproof
and protects the horse from the cold wind.


The neck cover is detachable, so you can add or remove this as
the weather changes. This is fitted on both sides with double Velcro tape on
the rug. The fact that the Velcro is double locking means that the neck cover
holds when the horse moves more, running or sometimes rolling. To keep the
horse's neck warm, close the neckline at the front with the double locking Velcro straps.

I think every rider knows the fear that horses could
freeze. Even though I think that nature protects the animals with winter
fur well from the cold, there are also horses that need a blanket. The Buster
200g medium weight blanket from Premier Equine is definitely worth your

Amy is completely satisfied with the thicker blanket and her
back is much more relaxed because the rug keeps her warm and protected from the
wind and rain. If we look at the weather report now, then we are quite
relaxed, because Amy is well prepared for the cold days. We are now
considering a second blanket to change if the winter gets wet and colder.

Take a look at the Buster 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover here: https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-200g-turnout-rug-with-neck-cover-c2x23881959 
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Black Friday Sale Top Picks

Black Friday Sale Top Picks

The Premier Equine Black Friday

Super Sale is here! 

Our biggest
sale event of the year started Thursday 22
nd November and ends Monday
th of November giving you ample time to grab yourself a bargain,
but don’t leave it to long as we do sell out quickly of some popular products!

Giving you a
head-start on your Christmas shopping or the opportunity to just treat yourself,
we’re offering up to 35% off most products (excluding gift vouchers) so make
sure you put that item you’ve had your eye on for a while in your basket.

Remember to
subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know of future sales and discounts.


What is on
your Black Friday wish list? We’ve put together our Black Friday Super Sale top
picks just for you:


10% off the
Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 Turnout Rug WAS 319.99 NOW £287.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-trio-complete-4-in-1-turnout-rug-c2x21443659

10% off the Pony
Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 Turnout Rug WAS 299.99 NOW £269.99  https://www.premierequine.co.uk/pony-titan-trio-complete-multi-weight-turnout-rug-c2x21442953

10% off the
Lucanta Duplex Complete Stable Rug WAS £159.99 NOW £143.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/lucanta-duplex-complete-2-in-1-stable-rug-c2x26757625

25% off
stirrups, our favourite are the Jopollos WAS £59.99 NOW £44.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/jopollo-aluminium-performance-stirrups-c2x25275995


35% off most other products including:


35% off
Grooming Kit Bag WAS £17.99 NOW £11.69 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/grooming-kit-bag-c2x25410464

35% off Combo
Dry-Tech Cooler WAS £109.99 NOW £71.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/combo-dry-tech-horse-cooler-rug-c2x26757601

35% off
Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots WAS £59.99 NOW £38.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/kevlar-airtechnology-tendon-boots-c2x21438838

35% off
Kevlar Airtechnology Fetlock Boots WAS £39.99 NOW £25.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/kevlar-airtechnology-fetlock-boots-c2x21438848

35% off
Techno-suede Close Contact Jump Square WAS £39.99 NOW £25.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/techno-suede-close-contact-jump-saddle-pad-c2x21435861


Pro Rider
Unisex Waterproof Riding Jacket WAS £54.99 NOW £35.74 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/pro-rider-unisex-waterproof-riding-jacket-c2x21441251

Coco Gel
Riding Breeches WAS £79.99 NOW £51.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/coco-gel-riding-breeches-c2x21441112

We can’t
wait to see pictures of you & your horse enjoying your purchases, remember
to tag us or send your images in via message.  


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Winter Management Tips: Part 2

Winter Management Tips: Part 2


Continuing from part 1 winter management tips, we explore tips on clipping, nutrition, mud fever & hoof care and keeping yourself warm and dry.


If your horse is clipped, ensure it is an appropriate clip for the amount of work the horse is in.

For example, if the horse has a full winter season of competition or hunting scheduled; a full clip would be highly suitable. Likewise, if you are only hacking your horse out once a week with no additional work, a bib clip or no clip may be more suitable.

Adjust Your Horses Nutrition As Required

If your horse is prone to dropping weight in the winter, consult your feed specialist or vet for nutritional advice and keep a close eye on the visual condition of your horse between rug swaps. Ensure that your horse has enough forage, whether in the stable or field.

For easy feed making, we offer a durable scoop made to easily plough through your feed, to scoop up and distribute with no spillage.


Mud Fever Prevention & Hoof Care

Mud fever can be difficult to manage and unpleasant for your horse, so the best course of action is prevention.

-Turnout mud fever boots are a great way to protect legs from dust and dirt coming into contact with the skin, keeping legs dry with less chance of mud fever developing. When bringing in from the field, remove turnout boots and let any mud on the unprotected areas dry before brushing off. Place the turnout boots on a suitable area and wash off with a hose and place somewhere to dry naturally i.e. a washing line.

It can be handy to have two sets of turnout boots, so that one can be used while the other set is drying.

-If turnout boots are not worn, pig oil and sulphur are popular choices to apply to the leg before turn out, to prevent the mud from sticking to the leg.

-If turnout boots are not worn, allow any mud on the legs to dry before removing with a brush. Hosing off with cold water may cause the skin to crack, while hosing off with warm water may open the pores to bacteria. If you do wash legs off, make sure they are fully dried off.

-If mud fever has already occurred, try to keep the affected area dry and clean. There are also many mud fever lotions and scrubs suitable for preventing and treating mud fever.

-Ensure you pick your horse’s feet out regularly, and before exercise to remove dirt and stones. Picking feet out regularly will prevent thrush from being stables for longer periods of time and being out in wetter conditions.

For a cost-effective mud fever prevention check out our Turnout/ Mud Fever Boots here:https://www.premierequine.co.uk/horse-turnout-mud-fever-boots-c2x23925805

Tips For Keeping Humans Warm & Dry

We focus a lot on keeping our horses comfortable and warm and often dash out of the house underprepared ourselves, coming home freezing and wet.

-Layer up- As with a rugging system, you can add or remove layers as you increase or decrease your level of activity or changes in weather.

-Wear suitable thermal socks. There is nothing worse than dismounting your horse to find that your toes have numbed during your ride, or taking 20 minutes to de-frost your feet in the shower when you return home.

-Invest in some waterproof riding/ yard gloves. Cracked hands are not comfortable and can leave you open to infection.

-Invest/ wear a reliable and waterproof set of yard boots or wellies when in the field/ completing yard tasks. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can cause skin maceration which can damage the skin.

Have a browse of our waterproof riding gloves here:https://www.premierequine.co.uk/equestrian-clothing-accessories-c102x3071764the Hambleden Horse Riding Gloves even have touch-screen capabilities.

Winter is not the easiest time of year for horse owners, but with strategic management it is certainly more manageable. 


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Winter Management Tips: Part 1

Winter Management Tips: Part 1


The clocks have gone back, the evenings are darker and the
air is cooler- that can only mean one thing, winter is upon us.

This brings a whole host of management difficulties from
fitting in riding in the daylight hours to preventing winter ailments to keeping
your horse and yourself warm. We’ve put together our winter tips for
maintaining fitness and health during the colder months.

Prepare In Advance

If you have the ability to, make multiple
haynets at a time when you have 20 minutes. This will mean you can simply put
them where you need them which will save you time during mornings and evenings.

15 Minutes Is Better Than Nothing

If the dark nights and miserable weather
makes you lack motivation to ride on weekdays, this can have a detrimental
impact on your horses fitness plan. Where possible, aim for a minimum of 15
minutes of exercising per your fitness plan days, whether that is schooling,
lunging or hacking. After warming up, 15 minutes of exercise per session will
keep you on track so that your fitness regime is not compromised, while making the
thought of exercising less daunting.

Hack On A Weekend

The weekend often offers the opportunity
for longer rides, take the opportunity to ride longer and maybe even explore a
new hacking route. Your horse may spend a longer amount of time in the stable
in winter, give them new surroundings to look at to keep riding fun and to
shake up your exercise routine.

Monitor Water Consumption & Warning Signs
Of Colic

During the colder months, longer periods of
stabling can lead to a higher risk of colic. Try and fill your water buckets
right to the top so that you can monitor exactly how much your horse is
drinking, it can be handy to have a water bucket with measurement markers on


We offer a highly durable option that does
not go brittle over time and has a handy graduated measure on the inside
surface for close water consumption monitoring.



With the grass becoming sparse, when turned
out the horses can graze right down to the soil which can lead to a higher risk
of sand colic. To avoid this, put plenty of hay in the paddocks where your
horse will be turned out.

Adjust Rugging As Required

Frequently check how warm your horse is,
considering the following:

Are they turned out or stabled right now?

Are they clipped?

Are they naturally hot or do they feel the cold?

Make sure you are not rugging as per how cold
you feel, rather than your horse.

A rugging system can be extremely helpful, allowing you to add
or remove liners as required to create different weights of rug.

Our bestselling rugging system is the Titan Trio complete 4
in 1 rug: https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-trio-complete-4-in-1-turnout-rug-c2x21443659 

Whether you have an intense competition schedule this
winter, or your horses are having a break; we hope our top tips may help you
manage your routine well and enjoy the colder months, the flies will be back
before you know it!

What are your top winter tips? Let us know.

Next week: Winter
Management Tips Part 2 

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Premier Equine Supports Horse and Country Racehorses (HCR)

Premier Equine Supports Horse and Country Racehorses (HCR)


The HRC offers a great opportunity to support a life after racing for thoroughbreds and to assist owners, handlers and riders.
This year saw the third year for the society with our championships once again being held at Ingliston Equestrian’s Grand slam at the end of September. For the first time we saw double honors being claimed for both the Inhand and Ridden Championship which were judged by Rebecca Chalmers. The remarkable 11 year grey gelding Teo Vivo was the star of the show, owned by Margaret Wilson and shown by Jacqueline Williamson and Brian Gibson.

Teo retired from racing after 31 runs with 6wins and started his new life as a show horse just this year. Reserve Ridden and Veteran Ridden Champion went to Paige Aitken with Categorical and second Reserve going to Vicky Campbell with Diamond Addition. Inhand Reserve and Inhand Veteran Champion went to Di Drysdale with Enigmatic Corner and second Reserve went to Paige Aitken and Categorical.

Katrina Byrne says "We are delighted to have such strong support from our members and friends for these championships and we are privileged to have great sponsors. Special thanks go to Championship sponsors Mark Usher Racing,Veteran championship and jacket sponsors Handley-Wright ExRacing and Champion rug sponsors PremierEquine"

Karina would like to thank everyone for their support and hopes to see even more members in 2019.

Teo Vivo wears the champions winning show rug: The Buster Fleece Cooler Continental which retails at £58.99


Photo credit Sinclair Photography.

We also hold stock of the Buster Fleece Cooler Original as shown below or the Prestige Edition, crafted in a luxurious 280g anti-pill polar fleece. Both offer same great technical properties but with less detail which make them ideal for embroidery and personalisation. You can browse our range of technical coolers here: https://www.premierequine.co.uk/cooler-rugs-c102x3068440



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India's Autumn Picks


Need some Autumn wardrobe inspiration? Our young blogger India Malyon gives us her top Premier Equine picks to kick off the cooler months. 

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Travel troubles? Try our Knee Pro-Teque Airtechnology Travel Boots...


Need any more reasons as to why our Knee Pro-Teque Airtechnology Travel Boots make the best choice for transporting your horse? Katja (@zauberponyamy) tells us why she chose to use them and the benefits! She also gives us an insight into other options people might go for and why... 

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The Fabulous India Malyon Reviews Our PE Red Matchy-Matchy Set, Here's Why She Loves It.


Keen to know more about the red Premier Equine matchy-matchy set? Take a look at this wonderful review written by keen-rider India Malyon (@my_girl_ariana)
Check out her Instagram for more great photos!

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Keen Rider Isabella Reviews Our Royal Blue GP Saddle Pad


Want to know why our royal blue saddle pad is the perfect accessory for your horse?
Read what keen rider Isabella has to say about our Premier Equine Royal Blue GP Saddle Pad.

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Your Guide to The Royal Ascot 2018


Wondering whats on offer at the Royal Ascot this year?
Take a look at what you can expect to see and look at this years dress code rules!

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Want to know more about our red matchy-matchy set?
Read this wonderful review written by keen rider and blogger Katja (@zauberponyamy).
Here's why she chooses Premier Equine over everybody else..

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Unsure on whether air-cooled eventing boots are what you need?
Take a read of this review written by keen rider and blogger Katja (@zauberponyamy).
She is new to the discipline and tried our air-cooled original eventing boots and fell in love with them! 

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All throughout March our dedicated Facebook followers have been sending us photos of themselves and their horses kitted out in Premier Equine attire. Each month we choose our favourite and feature it here in our blog area. Our March favourite comes from Emma Jamieson who sent us this lovely photo of herself and her beautiful horse. In all of the cold and snowy weather we have been experiencing over the past few months Emma has been keeping warm in her Alonza Waterproof Riding Jacket... 

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All throughout February our dedicated Facebook followers have been sending us photos of themselves and their horses kitted out in Premier Equine attire. Each month we choose our favourite and feature it here in our blog area. Our February favourite comes from Sorrelcourt Show Team who sent us this lovely photo from their photo shoot of the horses looking fantastic in the Buster Waffle Cooler.. 
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All throughout January our dedicated Facebook followers have been sending us photos of themselves and their horses kitted out in Premier Equine attire. Each month we choose our favourite and feature it here in our blog area. Our January favourite comes from Lynn Stadelmier who sent us this lovely photo of herself and her horse Caramel Sporting the very popular 200g Orange Lucanta Turnout Rug... 
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40% off selected Premier Equine women’s clothing while stocks last

We have picked out the perfect trans-seasonal sale items. With the festive season firmly behind us, shopping may be the last thing on your mind. However now is the perfect time of year to shop savvy and invest in your future wardrobe.

Our clothing sale features some of 2017’s best-selling items, like the Alonza. A chic waterproof mid/lightweight rain mac ideal for those drizzly hacking days but equally smart enough to do a quick dash around the supermarket in. There is also a range of lightweight technical fleece jackets ideal for layering up in cold weather which also serve their purpose when the wind is up on cooler summer days and evenings.

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All throughout December our dedicated Facebook followers have been
sending us photos of themselves and their horses kitted out in Premier
Equine attire. Each month we choose our favourite and feature it here in
our blog area. Our December favourite comes from Charlotte Willis, who
sent us this adorable photo of her horse enjoying a canter wearing our
Plain Cotton GP/Jumping Square in Burgundy...

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Here is our photo of the month....

Congratulations to Amy Woollard on being November’s winner.

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Black Friday is one of our biggest events of the year and therefore a
great time to find your perfect equestrian bargain. We have something
for everyone, whether it be a new turnout rug, saddle pad, clothing
article or even a new pair of riding boots. Our Black Friday sale
started on Thursday 23rd November this year and will be running until
Tuesday 28th November so you have plenty of time to purchase your
favourite items! Forget the long queues and in-store fights by
purchasing top quality products online from the comfort of your own

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Winter is approaching and it is important that you make sure your horse
is comfortable in the upcoming cold weather. Many different factors can
mean that some horses require extra layers in order to help them
maintain their body temperature. We have a wide range of stable wear
that will help keep your horse warm and cosy this winter…

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UNDER £30!

Looking for a quick Christmas gift or feeling like treating yourself or
your horse? We have a great selection of products suited to all horse
lovers priced below £30.00…

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The ‘Stratus’ range was developed by Premier Equine in Autumn/Winter
2015 and has been a favourite with many customers ever since.  It was
designed as a stylish addition to our already popular ‘Titan’ and
‘Buster’ turnout rugs, with its main aim to inspire and enlighten the
senses. Crafted from 1200D ripstop polyester, the rugs are strong enough
to withstand wet weather conditions ensuring maximum protection and
comfort for your horse…

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Horse exercise sheets are an essential winter product for every devoted
equestrian. In autumn and winter months exercise sheets can be
beneficial for horses that are fully clipped, thin skinned or those that
naturally feel the cold. They can be used when riding to keep the rain
and wind off the horse’s hind quarters. Perfect for slower hacks,
helping to keep the muscles warm and also great for warming up and
cooling down your horse from exercise...

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‘Orange’ is a bright
and exuberant colour that is often associated with the changing of the
seasons and autumnal leaves. It is highly visible due to its vibrant
tones and can be used to gain attention. A lively colour creating a
strong and positive impression, you will either love it or hate it…

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Equine offers a range of riding coats that are convenient for all
occasions. Whether you are looking for a jacket for daily stable duties
or keeping warm and dry at competitions. Premier Equine has a coat for
every horse rider alike...

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winter looming I thought it was time to purchase my 25 year old Irish
sports horse gelding a new turnout rug. After years of living out all
winter with minimal layers I have noticed he has started struggling to
regulate his body temperature like he used to and he is also starting to
lose some weight and condition. With this slightly concerning me I
wanted to find a rug that can help to keep him happy, warm and safe.
While browsing the internet I came across the Premier Equine Cellular
Zone 250g Turnout Rug. I was very intrigued to read further as I had
never seen or heard of a rug like this before...

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have been searching for a good, sturdy pair of boots suitable for
all-day wear on my yard for what feels like forever. One of my liveries
came to the yard last week with a brand new pair of riding boots and I
happened to notice how very smart they were. When she told me that they
were from Premier Equine I went online to browse their range. I was
pleasantly surprised by how much choice there was; long leather riding
boots and jodhpur boots in a variety of colours and styles.

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the days and nights gradually grow colder you may want to think about
adding layers to keep yourself warm whilst riding or doing daily yard
duties. Science says body warmth can help be maintained by layering
breathable layers. Warm air gets trapped between the layers and acts as
an insulator, helping to keep you warmer than if you were wearing one
thick layer. With that in mind, we offer three technically advanced tops
for you to layer up with…

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boots are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect horses legs
during turnout. When a horse is left unsupervised in a field they can
get up to all sorts of mischievous activities. Knocks and cuts are
easily obtained, either by the horse catching themselves with their own
legs or on other objects in the field such as fences and trees. We offer
two different types of turnout boots, each will reduce the risk of your
horse being injured at grass...

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up in winter can be a hassle. Depending on the conditions and the
temperatures you may need several different rugs all with varying
weights/thicknesses. Here at Premier Equine, we’ve developed rugging
systems specifically designed to take the stress away from your winter…

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is a problem that is often related to a horses confirmation. Horses
with narrow chests or lower leg defects are more likely to experience
brushing. The lower leg and hoof swings sideways during exercise and
catches the opposite leg, usually near the fetlock area. This can result
in cuts, loss of hair, lameness, bone damage and pulled shoes. Brushing
can occur on both the front and hind legs and is usually most obvious
when a horse is trotting. Brushing problems may be improved by
corrective farriery and by wearing brushing boots. Premier Equine
provides a range of high quality and durable brushing boots which help
to reduce the risk of trauma and injuries caused by brushing…

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winter looms ever nearer we launch our new Autumn/Winter Catalogue to
help see you through the cold, dark months ahead. The launch brings with
it some exciting new products which will be arriving in stock
throughout August and September. At Premier Equine, we always take on
board customer feedback and use it to help improve our extensive product
range, ensuring that we provide the most functional and user-friendly
products on the equestrian market. Without further ado, let us introduce
you to some of our new products and features…

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Booting up your horse can be a difficult decision, it is all
about weighing up what your horse needs. What your horse needs can depend on a
variety of factors, when jumping you may think more along the lines of
protection and when doing flat work you perhaps would like more support. We
manufacture a large range of protective and supportive boots, offering a choice
for all disciplines, but by far our most versatile boots are our Air-Teque
Sports Boots...

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There is nothing better than riding your horse on a warm
summer’s day or evening. At this time of year we often turn horses out in the
field whilst the grass is plentiful and the ground is dry. But what do you do
if it is a warm, sunny day with the chance of a rain shower? Do you put a fly
rug on your horse and risk it getting wet through? Do you leave your horse
without a rug on and at the mercy of the flies? Do you put a lightweight
turnout rug on and risk them overheating? We have solved your problems with the
Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug... > Read More

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Although we are in the height of summer, it is quite common
for temperatures to drop considerably over night. Cloudless skies leave no
natural insulation and the setting of the sun leads to chillier conditions. When
it is perhaps a little too chilly for your horse to be wearing just a fly rug
or no rug at all, consider one of our stylish and durable no-fill (0g) lightweight
turnout rugs . . . > Read More

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It can be a real chore riding or doing yard duties in warm
weather when there is a risk of showery downpours. Do you go for a t-shirt and
stay cool but risk getting wet? Or do you add layers and stay dry but overheat?
We have taken the struggle out of your situation with the Air-Lite Rider
Waterproof Jacket. . . > Read More

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As many seasoned equestrians will know, the mid season blues
can really impact you horses mood and training. Working relentlessly to achieve
your seasons riding goals, maximising every summer’s day riding and competing.
Where did the summer go I hear you say, the weather is fast fading and the paddocks
looking slightly less lush, it can certainly leave your horse feeling a little
tired on his feet and lacking impulsion.... > Read More

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don’t know about you, but I get really stressed traveling to and from
competitions with my horse. I am always worrying about how she is
getting on in the back of the horsebox. But since I discovered Premier
Equine’s Spring/Summer 2017 catalogue I have been able to relax
. . . > Read More
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the warm weather we have been experiencing recently it is important to
consider protecting your horse from the dreaded bot fly. So you can get
to grips with the facts, we have gathered some information on the life
cycle of this pesky critter . . . > Read More

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annoying midges and biting insects are back and are out in force. My
horse Chester has previously suffered from sweet itch. Last season he
ended up covered in bald patches and sores and had managed to rub away
nearly all of his mane and hair on his dock. I needed to protect him as
best I could from the midges, which start to appear around springtime
and are known to cause varying levels of discomfort to horses. . . > Read More

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cuff links, watches, or that bottle of great whiskey are definitely
still good choices for Father’s Day, but for the dads that love all
things equestrian, there are a lot of fantastic options here at Premier
Equine. Father’s Day is coming up soon, on June 18 in case you were
wondering, which gives you just enough time to find that perfect horsey
gift for him . . . > Read More

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Finally, the time
has come to put away those winter rugs and bring out the fly sheets.
It’s important your rugs are maintained in order to keep your horse
comfortable and well protected from the elements. Leaving large amounts
of dirt and debris on the surface of your rugs can damage and degrade
the materials over time as well as reduce the effectiveness of
the waterproofing system. Here at Premier Equine, we’ve developed a
range of cleaning products to help you properly maintain and maximise
the lifespan of your rugs, which will also save you money in the long
. . . > Read More
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week we are very pleased to invite guest writer, Katy Malone, review the
new Sesso Polo Shirt. Katy has her own livery yard in Cornwall and is a
regular blogger for Horse & Hound...

Sesso Ladies Riding Polo Shirt gives a real feel of quality, both in
terms of the garment itself and the style. I got a lot of compliments
when I wore it, not least because I'm usually seen wondering around in a
threadbare hooded top or mucky puffer jacket . . . > Read More

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recently been browsing through the latest Premier Equine catalogue for a
cooler rug for my 5-year-old bay gelding, Oliver. The choice was very
substantial: traditional Buster Fleece Coolers, hi-tech Premtex
Coolers and stylish Waffle Coolers, but a new addition to the catalogue
this season caught my eye, the Airflow Cooler. The image looked stunning
and the detailed information about the product confirmed my decision. I
used my phone to find it on the P.E. website. It couldn’t have been
easier, a few clicks later it was in my basket ready to dispatch. To my
surprise and delight the package arrived just four days later, nicely in
time for our outing to Rockingham Horse Trials
. . . > Read More

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Who better to endorse Premier Equine's Cold Water Boots than
sponsored rider Paul Tapner. Paul is a professional rider who is a
member of the Australian event team and previous winner of the Badminton
Horse Trials. Paul has been using Cold Water Boots on his horses for
prevention of injury and treatment of injury for years.
. . > Read More
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the good weather arrives choosing the correct rug for your horse can be
a difficult one. Throughout the summer months annoying flies, midges
and bugs can make your horse irritable and miserable. A horse that has
been stood in the field being bothered with flies is often not focused
on the job when ridden. In severe cases horses can be put off from
grazing due to irritations caused by these pesky critters and some have
even been known to colic through stress.

thing is for certain; you can protect you horse from flies this summer.
Premier Equine has a fantastic range of fly rugs, masks and horse
boots offering varying degrees of protection for your horse.
Here are a few customers’ testaments that might help when making your decision
. . . > Read More
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the correct breech can help a rider perform with confidence in their
specific discipline or activity. Whether it's a sleek look for
competition or a casual feel for everyday use Premier Equine has it
covered. All styles are designed to provide comfort and functionality.
They come with a variety of practical style functions including Clarino
knee patches, Clarino full seats, high waistbands and gel applications
to name a few. Fashion-conscious riders can also find breeches that have
a contemporary denim appearance
. . . > Read More
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We have started to get quite a few queries about two of our
latest hi-tech offerings the Nano-Tec Infrared Therapy Horse Rug & Boot
Asking about the effectiveness of the therapeutic technology
one customer asked, "Is it just a lot of hocus-pocus Chinese witchcraft?” Well,
Mrs Smith, (not her real name) I can say from experience that the technology
employed in these products really does work.
. . . > Read More

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