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It can be a real chore riding or doing yard duties in warm weather when there is a risk of showery downpours. Do you go for a t-shirt and stay cool but risk getting wet? Or do you add layers and stay dry but overheat? We have taken the struggle out of your situation with the Air-Lite Rider Waterproof Jacket.

The Air-Lite Rider Jacket is a super smart waterproof coat with lots of intricate little design details which are sure to capture your imagination. The lightweight and highly breathable waterproof fabric is perfect for use on warmer days when you need to stay cool but keep dry at the same time. Air vents at the front allow cool air to enter the jacket and body heat to escape, leaving you feeling comfortable whilst going about your daily duties. A Teflon coating also helps to repel water, oil and stains which is perfect when working with or around horses.

Sculpted and shaped to flatter your figure without compromising on practical features. We have incorporated two handy zip pockets to the front and two hidden pockets on the inside of the jacket to help safeguard your favourite items. There is also a zip on the inside back panel of the jacket to allow access for embroidery should you wish to personalise. A pack-away hood increases practicality, you can keep your hair dry and protected from the elements when needed. Toggles to the front of the hood allow you to pull it tighter in harsh or windy weather. The jacket features exquisite branding and inside you will find an identification panel where you can write your name, helping to keep track of what is yours on large yards or even just at home.

Available in three stunning colours; black, navy and vivid red this jacket is sure to make an impact wherever you might wear it.

View the Air-Lite Rider Waterproof Jacket here.

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