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Airflow Cooler


I’d recently been browsing through the latest Premier Equine catalogue for a cooler rug for my 5-year-old bay gelding, Oliver. The choice was very substantial: traditional Buster Fleece Coolers, hi-tech Premtex Coolers and stylish Waffle Coolers, but a new addition to the catalogue this season caught my eye, the Airflow Cooler. The image looked stunning and the detailed information about the product confirmed my decision. I used my phone to find it on the P.E. website. It couldn’t have been easier, a few clicks later it was in my basket ready to dispatch. To my surprise and delight the package arrived just four days later, nicely in time for our outing to Rockingham Horse Trials.
Oliver tends to get a little anxious and sweaty when travelling so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out his new cooler. I could tell instantly that the Airflow Cooler was not just your run of the mill cool sheet. The specialist 3D ducted sports mesh fabric was super soft to touch and so light when putting it on. This was great, as I said before he can get a little worked up during travel.

After a short trip up the A427 to Rockingham Castle I unloaded Oliver from his box. His mood was calm and after a quick look under the Airflow his coat was dry. I think he had been sweating, but the wicking, cooling and breathable properties of the Airflow had worked perfectly. I was so happy with the technical performance of the Airflow Cooler I now use it to regulate his temperature after exercise and competition. I went back on the P.E. website later to match up his new cooler with some travel boots, the Air Technology Travel Boots in black to be precise. His travel wardrobe is smarter than mine now.

Click here to view the Airflow Cooler.

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