Breech Breakdown - A Buyers Guide To Finding The Right Breeches

A guide to the perfect breeches

Finding breeches that don't break the bank seems like an impossible task, think of how many riding breeches you have tried over the years as an equestrian? We can bet that 90% of those breeches you have tried haven't fitted correctly as they've either been a poor fit, too short or too long, unflattering or uncomfortable or they are simply too much money. Over recent years the types of breeches available on the market has grown and with riding tights becoming more popular, we now have so many more options when it comes to style, fit, and functionality. Here at Premier Equine, we have a wide range of breeches and riding tights that are suitable for all equestrians no matter what size or shape you are.

What's the Difference Between Breeches & Riding Tights?

Breeches finish just above the ankle and are designed to minimise bulk under your tall boots. Riding tights have become a firm favourite for everyday wear, taken from the activewear trend, they are designed to feel like a second skin, and are generally a sportier, thinner, pull-up version of traditional breeches.

Silicone Seat vs Knee Patch?

Each rider is different and their preferences in breeches vary massively, some riders like a full gel seat, whereas other riders just prefer gel knee patches. Full seat riding breeches/tights are made using grip-enhancing materials in the areas that come into contact with the saddle. They are great for security, promoting stillness from the hip down, particularly useful for riding horses who are spooky, sensitive, large moving, or young. Gel knee patches have the grip-enhancing materials over the knee only, they also promote stillness from your knee down.

What is Silicone?

Both Full Seat and Knee Patch Breeches/Riding Tights are manufactured using a silicone pattern overlaying the base material, which is grippy to the touch. The more silicone that has been applied, the better the grip to the saddle. It is a great material for providing a more secure seat whilst offering a close contact alternative to traditional knee/seat patches.

High Waisted vs Mid-Rise?

The way breeches are described as either 'high-waisted' or 'mid-rise', determines whereabouts the waistband will sit. 'Rise' is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. A good general rule for what type of 'rise' you should wear is relative to the length of your torso; if you have a long torso and a higher waist, high-waisted breeches will sit and look better. If you have a short torso and a lower waist, mid-rise breeches may fit you better.

Nylon vs Micro Polyester:

Nylon and micro polyester are both lightweight and durable fabrics and share similar properties, such as easy-care, wrinkle resistance, stretch distance, and shrink resistant.

Technical Features of Premier Equine Breeches:

  • Technical lightweight fabric
  • Four-way stretch material
  • Highly Breathable
  • Traditional Front or Rear pockets
  • Full Seat / Knee Patch of Silicone Gel
  • Jersey cuffed hems
  • Belt loops

Technical Features of Premier Equine Riding Tights:

  • Technical four-way stretch fabric that contours to your shape
  • Breathable
  • Deep waistband
  • 'PE' Branding
  • Jersey cuff hem with anti-ride-up technology
  • Mid-weight full seat/knee patch gel
  • Reflective elements (selected types)
  • Front pockets

Check out our wide range of riding tights and breeches available here.

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