The Perfect All-Rounder - Harlington Synthetic GP/Jump Saddle

Harlington GP/Jump Saddle - The Perfect All Rounder

 A saddle for all occasions, our range of expertly crafted saddles have been designed with both the horse and rider in mind. From hacking to racing we have the perfect saddle for you and your horse/pony no matter what your discipline is.

General-purpose saddles have been specifically designed for those riders who enjoy a bit of everything from hacking to jumping. They are an excellent option for any rider who is looking for one saddle for a range of disciplines.


A number of factors can affect the way a saddle fits from the horses' exercise regimen to a change in condition, these factors may contribute to a constant change in your horses' shape meaning the fit of your saddle will need to be reassessed regularly. Having a saddle with an interchangeable gullet allows for quick and easy customisation of your saddle, without the added cost of a new one. When searching for a saddle it is important to take into consideration the fit, and how regularly the horse tends to change shape.


In order to cater for this our PE Interchangeable Gullet System has been incorporated into the Harlington GP saddle meaning every time your horse changes shape the saddle can be adjusted to their needs.


The Harlington Synthetic General Purpose Saddle has been engineered with a polypropylene copolymer tree, which offers high durability, exceptional stress crack resistance, and superior lightweight properties. Featuring fibre wool flocked panels for a balanced system of pressure distribution, which allows the horse to move freely without restriction.

Engineered with a medium depth seat and a cantle that has been expertly shaped to support and aid the rider's position during a variety of equestrian disciplines. A padded knee roll has been engineered onto the ergonomically designed flap which sits above the detachable knee blocks. The knee blocks attach by simple Velcro mounts, meaning the saddle can be personalised to each rider's individual upper leg length.

Expertly crafted from a synthetic microfibre leather this saddle offers the look and feel of traditional leather with the added benefit of being less maintenance. Synthetic microfibre leather skirts cover stainless steel safety flick stirrup bars, providing a safe and easy way to attach and remove your stirrup leathers, finished with sweeping style lines which add a dynamic dimension.



The Harlington Synthetic General Purpose Saddle is perfect for those all-rounders wanting a saddle for all disciplines at an affordable price.

See the full description for the Harlington Saddle here.

This saddle is available in black and brown.

To check what size gullet your horse requires take a look at the PE Interchangeable Gullet System Gauge , once you know the correct size, don't forget to purchase your PE Interchangeable Gullet.

Take a look at the video below which demonstrates how to change the gullet in your PE saddle.

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