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Brass Alloy Full Cheek Snaffle with Lozenge

(Code: 8065-55)
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Brass Alloy Full Cheek Snaffle with Lozenge

Why choose a full cheek snaffle for your horse?

Full cheek, brass alloy snaffles are useful for green horses or young horses as they can help with steering. The cheeks on the bit create a positive action against the horse's cheeks when asked to turn. The full cheek design also prevents the bit being dragged through the horse’s mouth.

Brass alloy is formed when copper is alloyed with a harder metal, this produces a warm and durable material which is perfect for horse bits as it can aid salivation and be more palatable to the horse. The central lozenge encourages a softer contact, reducing the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit which is ideal for young or sensitive horses. Distributes pressure evenly across the tongue and bars of the mouth for a smooth performance.

Brass Full Cheek Snaffle: Key features...

  • Full cheek shanks
  • Double jointed, durable brass alloy mouthpiece with lozenge
  • Assists with steering
  • Bit strength: Mild
  • This bit is BD Legal
As per our size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows...

Brass Horse Bits...

Brass alloy bits are warm, durable and they encourage the horse to salivate as well as easily accept the bit. Ideal for a range of horses, especially those that need encouragement to mouth and accept the bit.

Pair your brass alloy full cheek snaffle bit with one of our Anatomical Bridles.

Please note, for reasons of health and hygiene this bit is non returnable if removed from the template
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 5.5"
Sizingnis accurate very good quality.
Kayleigh M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 5.5"
Customer service brilliant! Couldn't fault it.Bit was not quite a good a standard that I'd have liked but still usable . I would use premiere equine again.
Jeanette W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 5"
Dawn R.