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With winter looming I thought it was time to purchase my 25 year old Irish sports horse gelding a new turnout rug. After years of living out all winter with minimal layers I have noticed he has started struggling to regulate his body temperature like he used to and he is also starting to lose some weight and condition. With this slightly concerning me I wanted to find a rug that can help to keep him happy, warm and safe. While browsing the internet I came across the Premier Equine Cellular Zone 250g Turnout Rug. I was very intrigued to read further as I had never seen or heard of a rug like this before...

The rug offers three different fill zones (Heavy, Medium & Light). The heavyweight filling runs along the top of rug and protects the large muscle groups which helps horses who struggle to keep condition on their top line. The medium weight filling covers the largest part of the horse’s sides, helping them regulate their temperature and the lightweight filling is situated at the front of the rug for maximum breathability.
I can remember the good old days when all we had in the tack room were three different rugs; a New Zealand, a Stable Rug and a Sweat Rug. If your horse was cold you would pile straw underneath to warm him up and I feel that this rug has a similar concept due to the different layering system so I was very excited to receive it.

As we are still experiencing some warm days and after reading the reviews on the Premier Equine website I decided to purchase the Cellular Zone 250g turnout rug in a 6’6” which is available in a very luxurious regal tone of burgundy. I am over the moon with the quality and finish of my new rug and my mind is at rest knowing that I am not going to over or under rug my horse. On cold, wet days he is going to be protected from the weather and on warm days he will be able to regulate his temperature a lot easier with his Cellular Zone rug on.

An extra advantage with the Cellular Zone rug is that you can purchase Premier Equine Combo Rug Liners which can be added underneath to increase weight in much colder weather. The rug offers maximum breathability without added weight and puts less pressure on your horse’s withers and back. Purchasing the Cellular Zone is cost effective as it can minimise the amount of rugs that you need for your horses wardrobe.

Premier Equine recognises that every horse is different and going forward I will recommend this rug to everyone I know as I feel that this new concept will make life easier for all horse owners. View the Cellular Zone 250g Turnout Rug here.

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