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I don’t know about you, but I get really stressed traveling to and from competitions with my horse. I am always worrying about how she is getting on in the back of the horsebox. But since I discovered Premier Equine’s Spring/Summer 2017 catalogue I have been able to relax.

I had heard about Premier Equine from a friend and decided to visit their website. It was very easy to navigate, but I do not like staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, so I was pleased to find the ‘order your free catalogue’ button on the home page and have one delivered straight to my front door. The catalogue arrived two days later, so I settled down in the evening for a spot of light reading. Since I was looking for travel protection I flicked forward a few pages until I spotted their range of cooler rugs.

My horse can sometimes overheat when traveling so I needed a cooler rug that was lightweight and would wick away moisture in case she started sweating. After looking through the informative descriptions and accompanying images I fell in love with the Buster Waffle Cooler. It boasted a lightweight polyester waffle weave construction with high levels of breathability. It also stated that wicking away moisture was no problem, ticking all the boxes. I bent the page corner and proceeded to look for travel boots.

I have never been very good at bandaging so I was happy to see that Premier Equine made travel boots with Velcro fastenings. There were two types to choose from, Ballistic and Airtechnology. Both offered impressive knee protection and had microfiber leather strike guards at the bottom of each boot. The Airtechnology Travel Boots caught my eye; they are made from a perforated, shockproof fabric, which provides a high level of breathability without compromising on protection.

I picked up my laptop and ordered the Buster Waffle Cooler and the Airtechnology Travel Boots, but I couldn’t just stop there. I may as well buy the whole travel protection kit I thought, so I also purchased a Stay-Up Tail Guard, Padded Fleece Head Collar and matching Lead Rope. The tail guard looked very easy to apply and super comfy. The fleece head collar will provide soft poll and head protection during travel. 

My parcel arrived within three working days of ordering. I was so pleased with all of the products. My first show was the following weekend, so I dressed my horse from head to toe in her new Premier Equine travel wear. She looked super smart, everything fitted so well and I was sure it would reduce her stress levels as well as mine. Upon arriving at the show I popped my hand inside her cooler rug and felt that she was actually cool and dry, which was brilliant. The travel boots hadn’t slipped and my horse looked really relaxed. Mission accomplished.

Click here to view Travel Boots.
Click here to view Cooler Rugs.

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