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It can be a bit of a minefield deciding on the correct event boot to choose for your horse this season. Riders need to consider a boot’s weight and breathability, as well as how effective it may be in preventing concussion and protecting a leg from trauma.


Premier Equine’s innovation and experience in this area provides an easy solution to this conundrum. The Air-Cooled Eventing Boot range ticks all the boxes…

Lightweight fabrics; A combination of hi-tech materials have been specially developed to facilitate a­­ high level comfort and breathability, whilst not compromising on protection.


Patented Air-Cooling technology; Ducted mesh air vents allow cooling air to pass through the boots while in motion, minimising the risk of injury through overheating.­­


Strike Guards (with a lifetime guarantee) distribute shock and protect the leg against impact and penetration. Key areas shielded include the tendons, ligaments and cannon area.


Many years of research and development offer a rider peace of mind that their horse’s legs are fully protected without any hindrance to performance. Here are just a few of the many shining endorsements from customers confirming why we are number one…


"They never moved or slipped, very light, easy to clean and they were strong and shaped around the horse’s leg. I really recommend them. "


"Perfect fit, kept legs covered and protected, but cool with air vents. Looking forward to xc this summer to put them to real use.”


 "We used the eventing boots for the first time at Badminton. They protected legs extremely well and are a great fit.”


"Used them on Sunday for a Hunter trial. Definitely keep the legs cool, extremely well fitting and comfortable, yet very protective as well. Went through water and they didn't absorb the water and become heavy at all. Very easy to clean. Extremely impressed.”

View the Air-Cooled Eventing Boot range here.

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