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the good weather arrives choosing the correct rug for your horse can be a difficult one. Throughout the summer months annoying flies, midges and bugs can make your horse irritable and miserable. A horse that has been stood in the field being bothered with flies is often not focused on the job when ridden. In severe cases horses can be put off from grazing due to irritations caused by these pesky critters and some have even been known to colic through stress.

One thing is for certain; you can protect you horse from flies this summer. Premier Equine has a fantastic range of fly rugs, masks and horse boots offering varying degrees of protection for your horse.
Here are a few customers’ testaments that might help when making your decision . . .

Itchy and sore
"My 4-year-old warmblood used to really suffer in the warmer months with Sweet Itch, a medical condition caused by an allergic reaction to midge bites. After searching around I finally found a solution; Premier Equine’s Sweet Itch Buster was literally a lifesaver, head-to-tail protection from flies and a 100% UV barrier against the harmful sun. I was really impressed with how strong the fabric was. I’ve had fly rugs from other brands before that have only lasted weeks, the Sweet Itch Buster lasted the whole season and still going strong.”

Change in climate - a fly rug with a waterproof topline

"I live just west of Manchester and the summers here can be very mixed, calm and sunny one minute then windy and rainy the next. Trying to find a fly rug that could cope wasn’t going to be easy I thought. On the contrary, I found the Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug was the perfect answer for these changeable conditions. The fabric is lightweight, highly breathable and protects my horse from the sun. It also has a waterproof topline for added protection against the elements. I loved the fact the integrated belly flap kept the flies off the belly. The peace of mind that I know my horse is fully protected out in the field is priceless.”

Keep them cool and protected in a 3D mesh rug

"We moved from Dorset to the south of France at the beginning of the year and brought our seven-year-old gelding with us. Geldof 's black coat had him struggling in the heat and we needed a fly rug that could protect him. The Pro-Teque Air fly rug was quite simply the best purchase we could have made for him. He is certainly happy and comfortable now. The rug’s special mesh fabric works to distribute an even airflow, managing heat removal and wicking away moisture, which helps to him keep cool even on the hottest days. The fabric also blocks small insects and flies from bothering him."

Bot Fly Protection
"Having nearly lost our horse to bot fly larve infestation we are taking all precautions this year. We have purchased the Pro-Teque Bug and Fly Boots to shield his legs and added the Buster Mask Xtra for maximum protection. The products look to be great quality, Thank you Premier Equine for the protective wear.”

View the entire Fly Rug and mask range here.

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