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India's Autumn Picks


As most would agree, a tremendous summer, jam-packed with scorching weather, especially prevalent ‘equestrian tans’ and a season full of Jumping, Dressage and eventing have almost come to a close. I personally think it is a time to truly reflect on what an incredible time you have spent bonding with your horses, ponies and family and friends. With Burghley international horse trials already behind us, it is almost certain that Autumn is already on its way! That can only mean one thing! All of your favourite brands are choosing their New Autumn/Winter Collection colour schemes. Whether that be Glitz and glam sparkles, darker and warmer shades such as burgundy or bottle green or brighter colours such as red or orange. Premier equine always stock many variations of all colours, so you don’t have to worry about not buying the in-season colour before the ranges come to an end, Hip Hip Hooray!

Although Autumn is almost upon us, Don’t worry! there are still many warmer days or weeks even, ahead of us before the cold weather truly sets in. For those in-between days where the sun is warm but the wind is chilly, Premier Equine have got it covered. The Loxley paddock boot to the rescue! With the comfortable fit and the elasticated stretch gusset, you can look Classy while feeling like you are wearing your favourite pair of comfy slippers. These superb paddock boots can be used for either riding or doing practical chores such as mucking out or just general yard maintenance. From my personal experience even after doing these jobs the Loxley paddock boot buffs up looking brand new and ready for your next adventure.

My Pro Polo Shirt is one of my favourite pieces to wear with any outfit, casual or for smart riding days. I have the red version. It goes well with shorts, jeans, leggings or riding legwear! This Pro Polo Shirt is so versatile and can adapt to either the hot afternoon heat or the chillier mornings. When my package first arrived I took it out and felt the material, I was delighted with the quality, It is a combination of a standard cotton polo shirt and a technical base layer material. So as you can imagine, the same comfort as pyjamas but still looking as preppy as ever. This piece can be worn with the Loxley paddock boots and/or the Premier Equine cap either in chic navy or stylish black.

The Helena Polo Shirt is probably one of the most flattering polo shirts you will ever wear. The contouring and flattening effect of the shaped body and the carefully selected gold rims and delicately edged buttons are all a small part of the intricately considered details on this shirt. The Premier equine world tour embroidery adds to the sportiness giving the impression of a hardworking and versatile shirt! This is a perfect companion to any of Premier equine’s breeches or riding/paddock boots. Keep an eye on my Instagram account @my_girl_ariarna to check out how and what I use my Premier Equine products for.

Have a good ride,
From @my_girl_ariarna
India Malyon

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