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Although we are in the height of summer, it is quite common for temperatures to drop considerably over night. Cloudless skies leave no natural insulation and the setting of the sun leads to chillier conditions. When it is perhaps a little too chilly for your horse to be wearing just a fly rug or no rug at all, consider one of our stylish and durable no-fill (0g) lightweight turnout rugs.

Our no-fill turnout rugs are essentially waterproof sheets. They are ideal for use in warm weather when it is too hot for a thick rug but your horse still needs some protection from the elements. All of our no-fill rugs come with a detachable neck cover option (except the ‘Cirrus’), which increases versatility and customisation. With six different styles to choose from, each with their own unique design details, you are sure to find the perfect lightweight turnout rug for your horse.

Buster Zero – The Buster Zero is our most robust no-fill turnout rug made from a strong and breathable 840 denier ballistic nylon material. An elasticated shoulder gusset allows for more movement at the shoulder and our signature deep cut ensures maximum protection for your horse. Available in two truly classic colours for a traditional look in the field.

Stratus Range – There are five no-fill rugs within our ‘Stratus’ range all made from durable and breathable 600 denier polyester…

· The Akoni Stratus is simply stunning, available in four colours and featuring streamlined taping which helps to accentuate your horse’s profile.

· The Altus Stratus boasts a vibrant polka dot pattern and an extra high elasticated shoulder gusset which allows for a greater range of movement around the shoulder.

· The Nardus Stratus features contrast colour panels, channelling a smart and sophisticated look.

· The Lucanta Stratus incorporates wither pads which are ideal for horse’s prone to soreness and rubbing over their withers.

· And finally, the Cirrus Stratus has an extra high elasticated shoulder gusset as well as a half-neck design which relieves pressure over the wither and helps to alleviate rubbing.

You can add one of our rug liners underneath any of the above no-fill turnout rugs (except the ‘Cirrus’), which means you can easily increase the weight and warmth when the temperature drops even further. Truly versatile and user friendly rugs for all.

Click here to view the range.

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