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Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks

Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks

Making 2019 YOUR Year & End of Season Sale Top Picks 

Happy 2019! Christmas and New Year came and went in a flash.
Whether you spent it with family, relaxing with your horses or maybe you had to
work the holiday period? We hope you had a good one and managed to find some
time for yourself.

With the festivities out of the way, it is time to start planning
your most amazing season yet.

What are your 2019 goals?

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you visualise
reaching them, say them out loud or write them down. Grab a pen and ask
yourself these questions:

What have you
achieved so far?
It is good to reflect on how far you have come.

Where do you want to
Establishing a clear vision is key, whether it is flying over fences at
Badminton or maybe going clear at a local show, having a goal and visualising
yourself achieving it will help in all your efforts working towards it.

What skills gaps/
challenges are standing in your way?
Establishing areas that require
improvement for you to reach your goal will allow you to address them, one by

If your goal is to compete in dressage this year, for
example, but you lack accuracy of movements or straightness, this is a skills
gap that then can be addressed with lessons and training.

Timescale: how long
will it take me to address these challenges?
Give yourself an achievable
time frame to work on your skills gaps or challenges, taking into consideration
other commitments such as work, family and budget.

Complete confidence Have
complete confidence that your horse is healthy, happy and can perform by having
your horse regularly checked by qualified professionals. You can then be
assured that any issues in training are not due to your horse feeling
uncomfortable from any health problems.

Get the right kit What do you already have, and what will you need? Ensuring your kit is fit for
purpose is essential.


Whatever your goal, we’ve got your back! Get kitted out
ready take on 2019 in our end of season sale with hundreds of fantastic
savings, we’ve picked out our favourites just for you.


Titan 450g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS £179.99
NOW £116.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-450g-heavyweight-turnout-rug-c2x21443710

Buster Storm 400g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS
£154.99 NOW £100.74 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-storm-400g-turnout-rug-c2x23881876

Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover 35% off WAS £169.99
NOW £110.49 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/titan-200g-medium-weight-turnout-rug-c2x21443576

Lucanta Duplex Complete 2 in 1 Stable Rug 25% off WAS
£159.99 NOW £119.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/lucanta-duplex-complete-2-in-1-stable-rug-c2x26757616

Buster Fleece Cooler Rug – Original 35% off WAS £54.99 NOW
£35.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/buster-fleece-cooler-rug-original-c2x26757537


Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

Navento Ladies Competition/ Show Jacket 50% off WAS £99.99
NOW £49.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/sale-navento-ladies-competition-show-jacket-c2x27094809

Combretta Technical Riding Layer 40% off WAS £39.99 NOW
£23.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/combretta-technical-riding-layer-c2x21441184

Chia Lightweight Technical Riding Layer 40% off WAS £39.99
NOW £23.99 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/chia-lightweight-technical-riding-layer-c2x25540622

Olympia Ladies Country Fleece Riding Jacket 40% off WAS
£34.99 NOW £21.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/olympia-ladies-fleece-gilet-c2x23882510

Celia Gel Riding Breeches 40% off WAS £79.99 NOW £48.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/celia-gel-riding-breeches-c2x21441089

Denver Ladies Leather Paddock/Riding Boots 40% off WAS £64.99 NOW £39.00 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/denver-leather-riding-boots-c2x24989005

Premier Equine Knitted Bobble Hat 40% off WAS £16.99 NOW
£10.20 https://www.premierequine.co.uk/premier-equine-knitted-bobble-hat-c2x21324490



Set goals, grab a bargain and make 2019 YOUR year! 

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