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Nano-Tec Infrared Horse Rug

Nano-Tec Infrared Horse Rug


As many seasoned equestrians will know, the mid season bluescan really impact you horses mood and training. Working relentlessly to achieveyour seasons riding goals, maximising every summer’s day riding and competing.Where did the summer go I hear you say, the weather is fast fading and the paddockslooking slightly less lush, it can certainly leave your horse feeling a littletired on his feet and lacking impulsion.

If you are looking for something that can help increase yourhorse’s energy levels, strength, flexion and alertness, we may have thesolution for you…

We appointed a research team to conduct tests into thebenefits and results of Infrared therapy. The results lead to the launch of ourNano-Tec Infrared Therapy Rug and Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wraps/Liners, whichhave proved to be a huge success.

Injury prevention, a healthy diet, complex training regimesand decreasing recovery time come top of the list for the modern day horseinvolved in equestrian sports. The difference of 5mm on the flexion range of ahock can be the difference between knocking a pole off the cup and being in theribbons. Showing, dressage, show jumping; whatever your discipline one thing iscertain, your horse relies on sound movement. The greater the range of movementand athleticism, the better the performance. This is where our Nano-TecInfrared Therapy Range comes into play, providing unbeatable therapy for themodern sport horse and horses in regular exercise.

To optimise the effectiveness of our Infrared therapy rangewe strongly advise using our Nano-Tec infrared rug and boots as part of youhorses daily pre and post exercise regime. Also perfect for use in the stableand during travel.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which isinvisible to the human eye but can be measured by heat conduction. It is a typeof radiation that occurs in everyday life for humans and animals on our planet.In fact, everything with a temperature over -268° Celsius (or -450° Fahrenheit)emits infrared radiation.

How does Infrared Therapy work?

We have fused Nano nylon filaments containing minerals intothe lining of our infrared rug and boots. These minerals reflect heat and anyenergy lost by the horse back into their body in the form of infraredradiation. This results in the opening of blood vessels and increasedcirculation which can have numerous benefits, including:

·Relaxes muscles

·Decreases swelling

·Increases healing time

·Improves energy levels

·Improves strength

·Reduces lactic acid build up

·Prevents stiffness

·Improves flexion

·Increases alertness

·Reduces pain

·Reduces symptoms of arthritis

You should always start the therapy slowly, building up theamount of time your horse wears the products for. We recommend starting with 30minute treatments and then build up gradually to a maximum of 12 hours a day(optimum treatment time is 4 hours). We have had excellent feedback fromcustomers for both the rug and boots, you can read extracts from our reviewsbelow:

Infrared Rug: "My mare absolutely loves this rug! I use itpre & post-exercise and within a few minutes of me putting it on sherelaxes and starts to snooze, so it clearly feels really good to her. It looksvery smart, fits her beautifully and does a good job of wicking awaysweat/water post exercise. I can't use it for the suggested 4 hours a day but Iuse it for at least 30 mins before and after riding and she clearly feels the benefitof that. One happy horse and therefore happy owner!”

Infrared Boots: "These were purchased to help with thehealing of a wound after a major operation 6/7 months ago and the last coupleof inches were taking a lot longer to heal. The boots have helped generate thenew skin on this area and we are hopeful that all will be well within a fewweeks. So far they deserve the 5 star rating.”

Please Note: We alwaysadvise consulting your vet should your horse show signs of lethargy or othersymptoms which are out of character.

Click here to view the Nano-Tec Infrared Therapy Range

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