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We have started to get quite a few queries about two of our latest hi-tech offerings the Nano-Tec Infrared Therapy Horse Rug & Boot Wraps. Asking about the effectiveness of the therapeutic technology one customer asked, "Is it just a lot of hocus-pocus Chinese witchcraft?Ē Well, Mrs Smith, (not her real name) I can say from experience that the technology employed in these products really does work. At Premier Equine we have a dedicated team of horse enthusiasts that try out all of our product prototypes. The stable hand (one of our toughest critics) used the Infrared boots on her own horse, "I can't believe it, he's been limping around for a couple of days now, but after a few hours in the boots he's visibly stronger.Ē This is just one of many testimonies praising the effectiveness of the Infrared range. I can assure Mrs Smith there is no witchcraft at play here, just innovative, creative thinkers striving to design technologies that will get the best results for you and your horse.

Putting the technologies used in the Infrared range into laymanís terms isnít easy, but here goes... Radiant minerals are fused within fibers that make up the main fabric. These minerals help reflect heat and energy lost from the horseís body back in the form of infrared radiation. The infrared radiation opens blood vessels deep in the muscle tissue increasing circulation. Increased blood flow in the tissues eases muscle tension and fortifies the body's own ability to reduce swelling, heal injuries and speed up recovery time.

Hopefully Iíve cleared up any concerns about the technology and benefits of the Nano-Tec Infrared Therapy range. To find out more about the range click here.

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I have read this article.
I think you describe it properly.
Sports products should be long lasting,
reliable and Comfortable to all.
When someone uses these they should enjoy their moment.
By the way well listing, keep it up.
Posted By: Best sports products - 14 May 2017 12:03

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