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‘Orange’ is a bright and exuberant colour that is often associated with the changing of the seasons and autumnal leaves. It is highly visible due to its vibrant tones and can be used to gain attention. A lively colour creating a strong and positive impression, you will either love it or hate it…

Premier Equine offers many products in this fun colour that we can guarantee will capture the attention of you and your equestrian friends. The perfect transitional colour for autumnal winter hacks, woodland rides and daily schooling in the arena.

Lucanta Stratus 200 - With the light nights slowly starting to disappear and the cold weather creeping in, the Lucanta Stratus 200g Turnout Rug can be an ideal choice for keeping your horse warm and dry. This rug boasts a strong and flamboyant orange outer and neck cover with contemporary vertical stripes and a florescent signature lifestyle print to the rear. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot your horse on dark evenings, our bright orange Lucanta rug can help to combat this issue and provide you with a colourful focus in the dimness of your winter paddocks.

View the Lucanta Stratus 200 here.

Stratus Cooler – A popular choice among our customers this summer, this rug has been selling in its hundreds. It can be used for all kinds of purposes such as a cooler, stable rug or travel sheet. So why not brighten up your horse’s wardrobe this season with a dash of vivid orange?

View the Stratus Cooler here.

Saddle Pads – We sell four different saddle pads in orange, providing you with multiple choices and allowing you to customise your horse’s look. Orange is complimentary on bay and chestnut horses as it can show off the red tones in their coat. The blue petrol binding on our wool saddle pads offers a contrasting shade to tone down the brightness, making it easier on the eye. Teamed with our orange bandages these saddle pads help create the perfect ‘Matchy Matchy’ set for your horse.

View our Saddle Pads here.

Bandages – Our high quality Polo Fleece Bandages are ideal for protecting and supporting your horse’s legs during travel, stabling or whilst exercising. Their breathability helps prevent the muscles from overheating, offering additional comfort.

View our Bandages here.

Top tip: Why not team up an orange saddle pad with our orange bandages to create an extra festive and spooky Halloween theme this autumn?

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