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This week we are very pleased to invite guest writer, Katy Malone, to review the new Sesso Polo Shirt. Katy has her own livery yard in Cornwall and is a regular blogger for Horse & Hound...

The Sesso Ladies Riding Polo Shirt gives a real feel of quality, both in terms of the garment itself and the style. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it, not least because I'm usually seen wondering around in a threadbare hooded top or mucky puffer jacket.

I thought the branding and logos on the shirt were just right. Premier Equine is a brand you are proud to wear, so you want people to know where the shirt is from, but you wouldn't necessarily want the label emblazoned across your chest in flashing neon capital letters. Tasteful and discreet, yet prominent enough for admirers to notice.

The shirt was exactly what I hoped for in terms of size. I was worried that it might arrive and be more appropriate for an impossibly petite Italian supermodel. However, I was delighted to find that Premier Equine's 'large' is, as they state, indeed a UK size 16-18.

I usually wear a size 16 as I like to wear tops that gently skim my figure rather than those that look like you've been poured into them. Being a Mum of two and no longer in my twenties, there are some lumps and bumps that no amount of mucking out or sitting trot will ever eradicate! So, loosely fitted suits me perfectly.  The material is surprisingly soft and silky and has a good amount of stretch, so if you want that 'poured-in' look (congratulations, I envy you of your figure), then you could have it.

I feel comfortable mucking out and riding in this shirt, being both light and airy, yet durable enough to withstand daily yard work. It is certainly smart and professional enough for me to wear to coach and school horses for owners in.

There is a lot of detail in the contrast colours on the cuffs and collar and I got rather excited about the gold-rimmed buttons. The whole look and feel is of quality and, dare I say it, expense. My only complaint? I now need one in every colour!

Click here to view the Sesso Polo Shirt.

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