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Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set

(Code: 6108-BR)
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Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set
  • Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set
  • Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set

A colourful horse grooming kit set, perfect for use at home or competitions…

These stunning grooming kit sets come in four striking colours. Black & Red is super smart and screams sophistication. Med Blue & Peacock is perfect for those who are looking for a splash of colour. Orange & Amber is youthful, bright and vibrant. Whilst Wine & Fuchsia is classy with a feminine touch.

The set contains a body brush, long bristled dandy brush, large dandy brush, face brush, mane & tail brush, rubber curry comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper and bucket brush. With these tools you can ensure your horse’s daily care routine is at an optimum. Use the dandy brushes and rubber curry comb to get rid of tough, dried on dirt and mud. Then bring your horse’s coat to a shine with the soft bristled body brush. Get rid of tangles in your horse's mane and tail using the ergonomically shaped mane & tail brush. Gently manoeuvre around your horse's face and eyes with the super soft bristled face brush. Ensure your horse’s hooves are picked out and free from mud/stones every day and before exercise using the hoof pick. Use the sweat scraper to remove excess water after washing.

"Absolutely in love with the colour and the brushes are really great quality. So happy!" - Premier Equine Customer

Soft-Touch Grooming Kit Set: Key features...
  • Soft-Touch Body Brush
  • Soft-Touch Dandy Brush - Long Bristles
  • Soft-Touch Dandy Brush - Large
  • Soft-Touch Face Brush
  • Soft-Touch Mane & Tail Brush
  • Rubber Curry Comb
  • Soft-Touch Hoof Pick
  • Soft-Touch Bucket Brush
  • Sweat Scraper
  • 'P|E' Branding on all
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Med Blue & Peacock
Claire C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Orange & Amber
Lovely brush set, nicest set I have found so nice I will be ordering another set in a different colour. My son will be very happy when he gets them at Christmas.
Vivienne M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Black & Red
Love it.
RACHEL ottley.
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Wine & Fuchsia
Good quality brushes and good quality storage bag, will be ordering more brushes etc from premier equine to go with this set as I love it so much.
Tiffany B.