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Booting up your horse can be a difficult decision, it is all
about weighing up what your horse needs. What your horse needs can depend on a
variety of factors, when jumping you may think more along the lines of
protection and when doing flat work you perhaps would like more support. We
manufacture a large range of protective and supportive boots, offering a choice
for all disciplines, but by far our most versatile boots are our Air-Teque
Sports Boots.

Our Air-Teque Sports Boots have been developed alongside the
advice of veterinarians to support all of the major tendons and
ligaments in a
horse’s leg. The boots are anatomically shaped and wrap underneath the
fetlock, providing support around the joint and preventing it from hyper
extending. This wrap-around shape also means they can be used as an
alternative to traditional bandaging. They are made from a robust
material, incorporating 360°
stretch technology, which ensures the boots move with the horse and do not
restrict them in any way. Our Air-Teque material is perforated, allowing
heat build up to escape the horse’s leg and combat overheating issues.
with strong and easy microfiber leather straps, the boots are fully
secure and
can be used on both the front and hind legs. Because these boots are not
restrictive, and offer light protection as well as extensive support,
they can
be used for a wide range of disciplines including hacking, schooling,
show jumping, gymkhana games, carriage driving and much more. Easy to
clean, simply leave to dry and brush off any dirt before next use.

Horse’s that are in moderate-full work can benefit from
wearing these boots in everyday training. Sports Boots help prevent excessive
strain on the fetlock which can be caused by added rider weight, lots of
hacking on roads/road work, intense training exercises and general daily riding
routines. Long-term, they can help reduce the risk of muscular strains and
periodic injuries caused by repeated exercise. It is important however, to make
sure that your boots fit correctly and are applied properly to the horse’s leg.
Incorrect booting can cause discomfort and injury to the horse.

If you have any questions regarding booting your horse, or
need help with sizing don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on
01469 532279 or sales@premierequine.co.uk

View our range of Sports Boots here

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