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Winter is approaching and it is important that you make sure your horse is comfortable in the upcoming cold weather. Many different factors can mean that some horses require extra layers in order to help them maintain their body temperature. We have a wide range of stable wear that will help keep your horse warm and cosy this winter…

Premier Equine stable rugs have been carefully crafted from highly breathable materials and specifically designed for indoor use. Available in a variety of different weights and styles, from the traditional Stable Buster to the stylish Lucanta Stable you are sure to find the perfect match for your horse.  All PE stable rugs (with the exception of the Hardy Stable) are compatible with our Standard or Combo Rug Liners.

•    Heavyweight stable rugs can be used in extremely cold conditions for clipped or elderly horses in the depths of winter when we experience our lowest temperatures. Available in 400g and 450g weights. View here.

•    Medium weight stable rugs are best used in cold conditions when the temperatures start to drop significantly at night. Suitable for slightly milder winter days and for horses that are stabled during the day. Available in 200g weights. View here.

•    Lightweight stable rugs are ideal for chilly spring/autumn days or for horses that are not clipped and require a thinner layer to keep the chill away throughout winter. Lightweight stable rugs can also be used as an under rug to provide extra warmth when needed. Available with 100g of filling. View here.

Choose the neck style that suits your horse…
•    Detachable Neck Covers – A traditional style, these rugs have a standard rise over the wither and incorporate Velcro fastenings so that a detachable neck cover can be added when needed.
•    Integrated Neck Covers – The neck covers on these rugs are fixed, making them ideal for horses that are fully clipped or those that particularly feel the cold. They also help to relieve pressure over the wither and are a great choice for horse’s who are susceptible to rubbing/soreness in that area.
•    Half Neck Rugs – Half neck rugs have a high rise and come up, over and beyond the horses wither area, providing extra warmth and protection from the elements. These rugs are seamless over the wither and can therefore help prevent rubbing and soreness.

You can pair any of our stable rugs with stable boots for maximum indoor comfort and protection…

Stable Boot Wraps are composed of Air-Teque breathable fabrics and include soft cotton liners which sit against the horse’s skin, providing warmth and comfort. An excellent choice for horses with clipped legs in winter as they decrease external chill factors. The anatomical design of the boot wrap acts as a pressure bandage and can help to dissipate overnight swelling as well as providing excellent support. View our Stable Boot Wraps and other Stable Boots/Bandages here.
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