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Stirrups and spurs for all occasions from Premier Equine...

Our stirrups have been manufactured using premium quality stainless steel, aluminium or nylon materials. Aluminium stirrups are lightweight and super strong, perfect for everyday or competition use. We also sell flexi stirrups which are designed to give the rider a closer contact and feel with their horse. Whether you are schooling, jumping, hacking or away at competitions...we have the performance stirrups to suit your needs.
Spurs can be used to give specific aids to your horse. We sell a variety of competition legal spurs which you can use to enhance your aids and boost your horses performance. All made from high quality materials with ergonomic designs.
Stainless Steel Stirrups
£ 33.00
In Stock
Potenza Synthetic Stirrup Leathers
£ 20.00
(-40.00%) £ 12.00
In Stock
Studs for soft ground
£ 5.00
In Stock
Leather Spur Straps
£ 8.00
In Stock