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The ‘Stratus’ range was developed by Premier Equine in Autumn/Winter 2015 and has been a favourite with many customers ever since.  It was designed as a stylish addition to our already popular ‘Titan’ and ‘Buster’ turnout rugs, with its main aim to inspire and enlighten the senses. Crafted from 1200D ripstop polyester, the rugs are strong enough to withstand wet weather conditions ensuring maximum protection and comfort for your horse…

This winter Premier Equine offers two different styles within the ‘Stratus’ range – The ‘Lucanta’ and the ‘Tybalt Stratus’. Both styles incur different features and colour tones to add variety for the buyer. They still feature the PE recognised deep cut taken from the ‘Buster’ range and also benefit from an anti-bacterial and anti-static breathable polyester lining. This technical lining protects the fabric against bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus, keeping it fresher for longer and potentially preventing skin conditions.

Each season brings with it new and exciting colours which have been developed using modern trends for inspiration. The ‘Stratus’ rugs include bright and trendy colours in different weights, so if you are fed up of the traditional black and navy combinations or are looking to inject some colour in to your horse’s wardrobe then the ‘Stratus’ range is definitely for you.

The Lucanta includes a longer cut neck cover which offers extra protection in poor weather conditions. These rugs also feature padded wither pads which can help to prevent rubbing and pressure sores over the withers. Extra high shoulder gussets have been added to allow more freedom of movement and therefore extra comfort for the horse.

The Tybalt features an exclusive refined check print offering a smart and sophisticated look. Reflective contrast body tapes emphasise the shape of the horse and offer an added reflective element, helping you spot your horse on dark or dull days.

Colours can influence how we feel and bright shades are guaranteed to make a statement. Go bold… view the ‘Stratus’ range here.

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