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Those annoying midges and biting insects are back and out in force. My horse Chester has previously suffered from sweet itch. Last season he ended up covered in bald patches, sores and managed to rub away nearly all of his mane and hair on his dock. I needed to protect him as best I could from the midges, which appear around springtime and are known to cause varying levels of discomfort to horses.

A friend of mine suggested Premier Equine rugs and swears by the Sweet Itch Buster. Her horses don't actually suffer from sweet itch, but she's very keen on showing where a healthy condition of coat is really important. She assured me this was the best product on the market for protecting the coat whilst keeping dust, midges and flies at bay. 

When my Sweet Itch Buster package arrived (hassle free delivery by the way) I was delighted to find a lovely £10 voucher off my next purchase inside. 

I noticed that my new Sweet Itch Buster had a high shoulder gusset and an integrated belly flap for extra protection, a couple of nice improvements on my friendís slightly older model. The high shoulder gusset gives plenty of space to move, but my favourite feature is the soft lining over the mane. After suffering such irritation and damage to the skin, Chesterís mane had just started to grow back and I feared it might be rubbed away again. The silky feel to the lining will certainly look after the patch of mane he has left and with any luck give chance for the rest to grow back. The same lining is used on the tail flap and chest, which means even if Chester does itch himself on the fence the fabric will not rub his coat. 

The rug fitted perfectly, Iíve never had a rug fit him so well. The quality and attention to detail is amazing. It fastens securely around the neck, chest, belly and hind legs and I can honestly say it doesnít move, even when Chester rolled around as he always does in the field. The Sweet Itch Buster is 100% UVA reflective and white in colour, which is great because it reflects the sun and helps keep Chester as cool as possible. Itís made from a tough 1000 denier polyester material, which stops insects penetrating the surface and getting to his skin. 

I was so impressed with Premier Equineís quality and service that I used the £10 off voucher I received with my order to purchase a Buster Fly Mask and a full set of Pro-Teque Bug and Fly Boots. Now Chester will have total summer protection - thank you Premier Equine.

Common signs of sweet itch in horses as provided by Premier Equine:

  • Mane, back and tail are key areas, from mild to severe itching and rubbing as a result of your horse suffering from sweet itch
  • Loss of tail and mane hair is caused by rubbing
  • Bald patches - these can look grey in appearance due to permanent hair loss, skin and sun damage
  • Areas of sore, open, broken skin, which may bleed or become infected
  • Itching along the legs and under the belly has also been reported

Symptoms of sweet itch should not be confused with other skin problems, always consult your vet for diagnosis. The Sweet Itch Buster should be used to help protect your horseís skin and coat to prevent symptoms of sweet itch. Should symptoms persist please consult your vet.

Click here to view the Sweet Itch Buster.

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