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When I arrived on the cross-country course and I looked at the other horses, I noticed that everybody was riding with specialist eventing boots. Until then, I was not aware we needed to use something more suitable for fixed obstacles. So far, we've only ridden off-road and once cross country, so we are still novices in this discipline.

Of course, since eventing boots fully encase the leg, they protect the horse better than other horse boots. Because we were more confident and often wanted to jump, I decided that we definitely needed specialist boots.

I followed posts on Facebook to look for recommendations, read forums and just surfed through the internet for the best cross country boots. I then looked on the homepages of popular brands to see what they had in their range.

I found the search difficult because of the number of different brands. Many stores had a limited range of eventing boots, so the search continued until I came across Premier Equine. 

Premier Equine are an English company and they have really great products in their range. The air-cooled original eventing boots caught my eye. They not only looked visually good, but also met my expectations technically. Nice design, excellent protection and great value for money!


The air-cooled original eventing boots are available in several sizes (XS, S, M and L). It makes sense to have a lot of sizes, because that guarantees a better fit. Most other brands I looked at only had two size options whereas Premier Equine four. The printed size chart was really helpful as I probably would have ordered size M, but by measuring it I realized that we needed size S.

My order reached me quickly, I had expected a longer delivery time since they came from abroad. I was positively surprised when it arrived so fast. Also, the delivery costs are very fair, because when you spend over €100 the shipping is free!

The air-cooled original eventing boots look great, they are super quality and feel very stable. I especially like the functional padding so that the boots not only protect against scratches, but also cushion the leg in the crucial places.

The special thing about the eventing boots is the air cooling ventilation feature. The boots for the front legs have six air vents and the hind have eight, which really stop overheating of the leg. The vents are covered with a blue net, so that air, but no dirt can get to the horse's leg.

I couldn’t wait to try the air-cooled eventing boots out!

As I fitted the boots onto Amy she looked down and sniffed them and looked up contently, I would definitely say that she liked her new boots. The eventing boots are just great. They fit perfectly on Amy's legs. This is because of the great range of sizes available for the air-cooled eventing boots.

Once Amy had them fitted we went to the square, bearing in mind it was 30 degrees! We built ourselves up some jumps, I did not want to do too much as the temperature was so high. At the end of the training session the air-cooled original eventing boots were still secure and although the horse was sweaty, the legs were not wet. The cooling system seemed to work very well, because riding at these temperatures was a test of endurance.

I am in love with the air-cooled original eventing boots and will be using them all the time, I am so happy to have found such well-fitting, ventilated cross country boot.

by: @zauberponyamy (Instagram)

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