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Katja Product Review

I have had the Premier Equine catalogue at home for some time now, and enjoy flicking through it in the evening. I have wanted the Techno Wool Tendon Boots for a long time, and when I saw the chic Premier Equine ones in the catalogue, I was desperate to get them for Amy. We really love our Premier Equine Air-Cooled Original Eventing Boots, so I wanted to have some Tendon Boots for other types of training.

Of course there was also the red Merino Wool Half-Lined European Jumping Square which matched the boots, so I decided I definitely needed the whole set. Both the saddle pad and boots are available in many different colours, there is something for everyone!From plain black, pink or yellow, to red. Choosing a set was not easy.

As I already noticed in the Air-Cooled Eventing Boots, the Techno Wool Tendon Boots are also available in different sizes, meaning I was guaranteed a perfect fit. Some manufacturers offer only pony or warmblood, and we are just in between so the Premier Equine size variety offered us the ideal fit.

I'm always so excited when waiting on a package. But Premier Equines super fast shipping from England usually takes a maximum of one day longer than when I make orders in Germany, so the time was fast!

The Merino Wool Half-Lined European Jumping Square is premium quality. In addition to the good craftsmanship, I also like the detailing. The colour choices of the twisted rope detailing around the saddle pad are the perfect colours: Navy, White and Red. The special thing about the saddle pad is the navy merino wool on the underside, the dark colour means it isnít prone to collecting dirt.

The saddle layer is lined with soft merino wool and therefore comfortable for the horses back. The spine of the saddle pad is clear, which is so important to me as it means the weight is distributed evenly meaning less strain on Amyís back. Amy loves the soft lining, because itís easy on her back and protects her from being uncomfortable.

An advantage of the wool underside is that it is less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. In addition, the saddle pad is very breathable and Amy has sweated much less than when we use other saddle pads, despite the warm temperatures here in Germany.

What I also want to mention is the tight and sturdy stitching,
due to the pattern and the superior lining of the Merino Wool Half-Lined European Jumping Square, the saddle pad stays in shape even after washing. When washing you should of course take care of the pad, but that goes for any product as standard practice. The saddle pad is made of a very skin-friendly cotton and feels stable and comfortable.

Overall, I can only emphasise once again how much the quality of Premier Equine products convince me they are the best.

What I like equally as much as the style is the practicability of these products. The velcro fastening strap for the girth helps change the fit of the saddle pad, since the strap does not have to be guided by a fixed loop this makes altering it much easier. In addition, the Merino Wool Half-Lined European Jumping Square dries quickly after riding.

The saddle pad is delivered in a handy carrying bag so you can transport and store it with ease. Also the Techno Wool Tendon Boots and Fly Veilsfind space in the bag. It really is very handy if you want to take the whole set to the stable or back home. It is closed with a zipper and transparent at the front, so you can see the contents directly.

Visually I immediately fell in love with the Tendon Boots on my horse. They have a good fit and can be adjusted by the closures to the horse's leg. While the hard shell protects the horse's leg from knocks and bumps, the wool provides good comfort and also absorbs any impact.

I find the ventilation function on the outside particularly clever. Each boot has two ventilation slots on the outside, so that the horse's legs are cooled. Especially in the summer, it is more comfortable for the horses to ventilate their legs while exercising. But I also generally like wool on the horse equipment for a style aspect. It also seems to me that Amy likes it a lot, because the coat is pleasant on the skin and also prevents pressure sores. I just love the fluffy leg protection a lot.


In the summer time, you must have the right Fly Veil. In the warm temperatures all the flies come out of their hiding places and disturb us whilst riding.

Amy looks so cute with the red veil and is protected from those annoying flies!

I'm just in love with the whole set. The colour is so beautiful and radiant. Amy is like fire-red lightning when she wears it. 

Visually, the set is simply a total eye-catcher and the colour sells it for me. For those who prefer it plain, there are of course colours like black or white. The craftsmanship is just second to none!


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