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Premier Equine is recognised as one of the leading brands in the world of
Leg protection – air-cooling – injury prevention

We have also revolutionised rug technology and taken rugging solutions to the next
level for the modern sports horse. Using a unique waterproof system in our
Heavyweight Turnout Rugs and Mediumweight Turnout Rugs, with all our Turnout Rugs
being totally seamless over the back including our Lightweight Turnout Rugs,
Stay Dry Fly Rugs and Sweet Itch Rugs. 

Our renowned leg protection and injury prevention boots comprise the Air-Cooled
Eventing Boots, Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon and Fetlock Boots, Sports Boots and
Brushing Boots suitable for all disciplines also including our Ballistic Travel Boots
and considered range of Over Reach Boots. 

Developed with the experts in the USA using Bi-Polar Magnet Technology our Magnet therapy
range started with our Magnet Rug with Neck Cover and Magnet Boot Wraps, offering separate
Magnet Boot Liners which also fit within our Stable Boot Wraps. The range was soon broadened,
which now consist of Magnet Hock Boots, Magnet Knee Boots, Magnet Fetlock Boots, Magnet Hoof Boots, Magnet Poll Band and Magnet Brow Brand. Receiving a great response from these products from around the world we delved further into the therapy and treatment for horses to offer 9 Pocket Ice Boots and Cold Water Boots. 

Fabrics, designs and technology unrivalled.
A full range of Turnout Rugs from Coolers to Fly Rugs that enjoy a world-class reputation.
Protection and Sports Boots that are among the finest in the world. Trust in us for all
your horse’s protection and enjoy using our patented Air-Cooling Eventing Boots range with
patented strike protection. Compliment your saddle with one of our Saddle Pads, catering for
all disciplines with Cotton Dressage Squares and either Merino Wool Saddle Pads or
Merino Lambskin Saddle Pads cut for dressage or GP/Jumping. Together with our Anti-Slip
Airflow Saddle Pads, Close Contact Correction Squares and Techno-Suede Saddle Pads,
suitable for Cross Country, GP/Jumping, Dressage and Racing.

Leaders in our field - truly affordable

The choice of Champions - a brand you can trust!!
Premier Equine is one of the leading brands in the world with top professionals
using our products in every discipline in almost every country.
We also sponsor 6 international riders who are very much part of the development
team and work with us behind the scenes.
All new products are used and tested thoroughly before launch into the
open market.