Anatomical Bridles

Anatomical Bridles

Anatomical bridles are everywhere; used by top riders and trainers across every discipline - but how do they work and how could they benefit your horse?

A well-fitting bridle is essential to training any horse - green or established. Comfort is key and a content horse is much more enjoyable to work with. Anatomical bridles are designed to avoid and relieve pressure from the most sensitive areas of the face and poll. In turn, this can create a more relaxed horse, allowing them to perform at their best. 

Although it's a small area, tightness and pressure on the poll can have hugely detrimental effects on your horse's performance. Discomfort in the poll can cause problems such as:

  • Resisting/creating uneven bend
  • Heavier in one hand than the other
  • Fighting the contact/against the bit
  • Reluctance to step through and engage the hind end
  • Beginning to stop at fences - causing lack of confidence in both horse and rider.

The creation of our anatomical bridles focuses on forging a design that allows freedom in the poll. Here at Premier Equine, we have a range of bridles that feature a supple anatomical headpiece. Neatly padded and shaped away from the delicate areas of the poll - the specifically designed headpiece is the perfect addition to your horse's bridle. 

Typically, the most commonly used nosebands are the cavesson and the flash nosebands. Depending on your horse's facial conformation, they may prefer one over the other. Correct fitting of your noseband is vital. For example, a horse with a larger or wider tongue may prefer a slightly looser noseband to allow more room for salivation; whereas some horses may prefer a more fitted noseband to support the jaw and promote security in the cheek. The choice of bit and the level of training will likely affect which noseband is most suitable. 

Read the blog - Savuto Anatomic Bridle - Black

We have designed equal variations of nosebands to suit most horses. Our most recent designs: the Savuto and Lambro anatomical bridles have very sleek, sweeping nosebands which avoid the sensitive areas around the cheekbones and fit neatly over the nose. Featuring a crank fixture under the jaw which is softly padded to provide the capacity for the perfect fit. The Savuto is designed with an integrated flash piece, producing an elegant finish with all the practicality of the more traditional flash noseband. 

Read the blog - Primo Hunter Bridle - Black

For a slightly more conventional look, you may prefer the Primo Hunter bridle - perfect for the show ring, fitted with a traditional flat cavesson and brow, but neatly shaped around the poll to promote relaxation. If your horse requires a little more security, take a look at the Glorioso Grackle bridle - perfect for many disciplines. 

Read the Blog - Glorioso Grackle Bridle

The Verdura anatomic bridle has a slightly more conservative anatomical noseband, cut away from the most sensitive facial nerves and elegantly padded across the nose. This bridle does not have a crank fitting on the noseband - but instead the more classic fitting - and is accompanied by a curved padded browband which adds a flattering shape to your horse's face and provides a little more space for the fore facial muscles.

Read the blog - Rizzo Anatomic Bridle - Brown

Designed around the same criteria, the Rizzo anatomic bridle is similarly designed to the Verdura anatomic bridle but comes with a removable flash attachment. If you prefer a bit of shine - the Stellazio creates a similar aesthetic but with integrated diamantes through the browband. 

Our entire collection of Premier Equine bridles has been crafted from premium quality Italian leather to provide your horse with a comfortable and elegant look whether you are at home or in competition. 

Discover the full range of anatomical bridles here. 

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Anatomical Bridles

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