Sustainable Business Practices at Premier Equine International


Sustainable business is an essential part of Premier Equine as we constantly aim to minimise our impact on the environment on a global and local scale. We are always looking at new ways to improve as we prioritise environmental thinking throughout our sustainability policies and objective in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. As a company, we have a responsibility to consider and evaluate how we use natural resources and produce materials during our daily operations.

To accelerate our eco-friendly mission, we are adopting a paperless approach to our office-based operations – no longer offering a printed season-specific catalogue. Instead, you can browse our product ranges online with ease and less impact on the environment.




Longevity and sustainability are important to us. Along with offering good value, we offer products that have been designed to last which helps to combat the “disposable” and “throwaway” culture which can often surround the equestrian industry, fuelled by poorly produced products. 

We are working hard to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into our operations and products, which is why we try to minimise the number of disposable plastics used within our packaging. Many of our product lines have been carefully hand packaged in complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bags for easy carrying and to keep your products clean and tidy when not in use, to aid the longevity of your items even further. 

In addition, these eco-friendly bags are also made from a non-woven recyclable material – so if they eventually reach the end of their lifespan, you can still disposable of this in a responsible way.

Responsible Manufacture

Continuing to make every effort to create an eco-conscious production of Premier Equine products, we only use environmentally friendly dyes when constructing our products. These dyes are high quality and steadfast meaning that the textile retains the colour exceedingly well. This functional yet mindful use of chemicals is carried through to the treatments that we use on our materials including our waterproof turnout rugs. 

All of our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art energy efficient machinery which helps us deliver the functional and durable equestrian products which you know and love. In combination with superior fabrics with excellent properties we can help reduce the impact on the environment whilst still producing stylish and technical essentials and luxuries for each equestrian sphere. Many of our fabrics used in our equestrian clothing ranges and horse cooler rugs have excellent moisture wicking and anti-odour characteristics. This allows for high levels of comfort and less frequent washing requirements – overall contributing to a eco-friendly lifetime for every product. 

In order to further support our environmental protection objectives, we make every effort to recycle and reuse as much as we can – even in regards to packaging. Our incredible warehouse team reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible when shipping large orders, to decrease the need for production of further order packaging. They aim to pack these boxes as tightly as they can in order to reduce bulk, therefore not only reducing your shipping costs, but also meaning that couriers can transport parcels more efficiently and helping to minimise the carbon footprint caused by transporting and delivering products. This cardboard is easy to recycle from home, providing you with peace of mind.


In order to minimise the greenhouse emissions, Premier Equine constantly stives to improve our transport from an environmental viewpoint. We currently use shipping as our principal transport for goods shipping. Using this method we can increase efficiency by transporting large volumes of stock at once, reducing the frequency of shipments and making the most out of each journey and decreasing overall impact and emmissions. 

Further to this, we have a strong partnership with our couriers, DPD and DHL which have both made strides in becoming more sustainable. Please see links to their efforts below: 



Energy & Progression

We aim to continue our efforts in reducing environmental and sustainability issues; to help achieve this we are installing solar panels onto our warehouses as a method to increase our use of green energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. 

Also on our grounds, we have a healthy habitat for wildlife and our equine models in the shape of carefully maintained grassland, pastures, hedgerows, water features and orchards. 

Looking into future developments, we are developing some exciting new product ranges using organic and recycled materials! This amazing development helps to reduce pressure on the earth’s natural resources whilst requiring less energy and chemicals within the manufacturing process.


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