Combo Rug Liners

Combo Rug Liners

With our range of combo horse rug liners starting from 100g up to 350g fill - we can offer everything you need to create your own bespoke package and liner system, to attach to your Premier Equine turnout or stable rug, to whatever weight suits your horse.

All of our Rug Liners are crafted in the finest quality antibacterial and anti-static polyester fabric. Our Combo Horse Rug Liners can be applied underneath all Premier Equine turnout or stable rugs with the exception of ‘Hardy’, ‘Demi’ and ‘Original’ styles.

Combo Rug Liners have an integrated neck cover and their own surcingles, providing extra warmth and security. 

We recommend increasing the weight of your liners in sync with the change in temperatures based on your horse’s personal needs. Keeping your horse warm and comfortable in cooler weather can help maintain their condition.

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