Keep Your Cool - Cold Water Compression Boots

Cold Water Compression Boots

After-exercise care is so essential to ensure our horses stay fit and in good health, preventing any injuries, rubs, or sores. Ensuring that tendons and ligaments cool sufficiently is one of the most critical parts to make sure we are preventing as many injuries and as much long term accumulative damage as possible.

The Cold Water Compression Boots are designed with this in mind. Revolutionary cooling technology aids recovery, which is activated by moisture absorption. This is maintained by exposure to airflow delivered through the 3D ducted mesh. Once the boots have been activated by saturating in cold water for 5-8 minutes, the boots provide a cold cushioned layer anatomically shaped to the horse’s leg, and adjustable Velcro straps create compression to aid recovery further.

Before launch, dressage rider Rebecca trialled the Cold Water Compression Boots. Here is what she said:

“Ensuring my horse's legs recover after exercise is important to make sure he stays fit and healthy enough to continue training and competing to the best of his ability. The Cold Water Compression Boots aid in the recovery of cooling tendons and ligaments while providing contoured support.”

“Simply soak in cold water for 5-8 minutes. The boots can be used in the stable or field for up to 2-4 hours per use, offering versatility, avoiding having to stay with the horse being tied up. Your horse can be out in the field while their legs are cooling, helping to reduce any swelling or knocks they might have got through strenuous exercise.”

“After using the Cold Water Compression Boots over the last couple of weeks (before the UK went into lockdown), they have been used after training, lessons, and competitions. The fact that they don’t take long to activate (5-8 minutes) means they are readily available quickly after the session. They help to reduce heat in the tendon and ligament area, which for competition horses is important as it prevents any injuries; the compression helps to reduce swelling that might have occurred. Overall, Cold Water Compression Boots are a must-have!”

“I love how easy they are to clean, and the medical-grade inner fabric provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, which is ideal for my sensitive skinned horse. They are a real game-changer.”

The Cold Water Compression Boots are a must-have for any equestrian wardrobe, helping to reduce and prevent swelling and injuries - as many equestrians say, prevention is better than cure.

Find out more about the Cold Water Compression Boots here.


All the best, PE

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