Turnout In Confidence - A Guide To Finding The Perfect Rug

Finding the Correct Horse Rug

Cellular Zone 450g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover

When looking for a new rug for your horse, you need to make sure you are choosing the correct one, which can be a little confusing due to the rug ranges currently available. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! Read our ultimate Premier Equine rug buying guide to help you pick the perfect rug to add to your horse’s wardrobe. Our Horse Turnout Rugs range from a RRP of £110 to £340.

Titan Trio 4 in 1 Turnout Rug

One rug, three liners, four weights. The Titan Trio is a result of constant reinvention inspired by the changing of seasons and climates across the globe. Creating a system that allows horse owners to customise their rug based on the needs of their horse for both stabling and in the field. There isn’t a need to buy several rugs, just buy one rug system which can be used all year round.

Titan Trio 4 in 1 Turnout Rug Layout Shot

Cellular Zone

Some horses find it difficult to regulate their temperature and throughout the winter months when they need heavier rugs for warmth it can be difficult to find a rug which they don’t get too hot in. Advanced technology has been engineered with a multi-fill three-layer zoning system. Fill zones are divided by contrast tape on the outer body. The heaviest part of the rug protects the large muscle groups around the top line. Middle weight on the sides helping regulate temperature and the lighter weight filling at the front preventing vital organs overheating.

Cellular Zone 250 Turnout Rug with Neck Cover

Buster Turnout

The Buster Turnout Rug is a classic, yet stylish turnout rug designed to keep your horse warm and dry during the winter months. All of our rugs are treated with a proven waterproof system making it a fantastic addition to your horse’s winter wardrobe. With the option to add a rug liner to the buster range, makes it versatile and an ideal rug for those unpredictable winter months. Each neck cover* that comes with our rugs are snug-fit, whilst being breathable and helping to regulate the horse’s temperature. The snug-fit effects aids in keeping the neck up, and snug around the top of their neck, this also aids in preventing rain and keeping the wind from going down the horse’s neck.

*Buster Zero Turnout Rug comes with a classic neck cover, this is for those owners who prefer a classic neck cover.

Buster 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover

Titan Original

Some horse owners choose the option to not put a neck cover on their horse over the winter, as their horses mane's are prone to rubbing out. However, not many heavy weight winter turnout rugs give you this option, with most on the market being an integrated neck. This year Premier Equine have given you the option to buy a winter turnout with the traditional styling and modern technology to provide protection against the elements without the neck cover. Meaning those manes will stay intact.

Titan 450g Original Turnout Rug

Find the perfect fit, check out our size guide below. Make sure your horse is stood up square, then measure from the middle of their chest to the furthest point of their hind quarters.

Rug Size Chart

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