Horse Cooler Rugs From Premier Equine

Airflow cooler technology

Horse Cooler Rugs From Premier Equine

When it comes to selecting a horse cooler rug, Premier Equine have several options to choose from. If you’re struggling with which cooler rug would be best - continue reading! Our equestrian experts have gone through all of your options to make the decision process that little bit easier.

Horse Cooler Rugs are multi-use, but the primary purpose is to allow the horse to gradually lower its body temperature after exercise without catching a chill or cooling too rapidly, causing cramping or tying up. Using a wicking cooler rug at this time also helps to absorb any excess moisture on the surface of the horse's coat, either from sweat due to exertion or water leftover after hosing off the horse. Carefully selected fabrics wick moisture from the horse and through the material, allowing the condensation to evaporate outside the rug. The best horse cooler rugs also slowly release excess body heat and enable cool air to disperse for a more gradual cool down.

There are many horse cooler rug variations for sale on the equestrian market. Below, we will explain how some of our top-performing Premier Equine cooler rugs are designed to enhance your horse's rug wardrobe and why a technical horse cooler rug is a year-round must-have!


Premtex Horse Cooler Rug

PremTex Cooler Rug

The PremTex Cooler Rug is classically styled and is our most advanced cooler with a technically complex composition of materials. Cut from the finest acrylics, durable polypropylene yarns and wool, helping to regulate your horses temperature and effectively wick away moisture. The material composition means this rug will prevent chills, making it ideal for use in slightly cooler spring, autumn and winter months. 


Buster Waffle Horse Cooler Rug - Combo Available

Modern yet classic in appearance: made from a lightweight polyester fabric with a waffle weave construction, the Buster Waffle Horse Cooler Rug helps to wick moisture from your horses body, significantly decreasing drying time. Also suitable for use as a stable sheet or can be used for travelling – available with and without an integrated neck cover. 


Buster Fleece Cooler - Continental Edition

Buster Fleece Cooler: Continental Edition

Our Buster Fleece Coolers are made from premium quality 280g anti-pill polar fleece, excellent for wicking away moisture and preventing chills. Shaped body panels endure a close fit with a rolled collar providing additional comfort. Ideal for use after exercise and during travel in cooler weather. 


Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug - Combo Available

The Dry-Tech Horse Cooler Rug is compromised of three layers. The two outer waffle layers contain a 100g thermo-bonded filling, aiding in wicking away moisture from your horses body and decreasing drying time. The 100g fill also helps to prevent your horse from catching a chill in cooler weather. Also suitable for use as a stable sheet or can be used for travelling – available with or without an integrated neck. 


Airflow Cooler

The Airflow Cooler is expertly crafted from a highly breathable and technical 3D sports performance mesh, this fine mesh fabric controls the level of heat escaping the horses body, providing optimum cooling and quickly regulating your horses temperature. The advanced airflow system makes this cooler a practical solution for horses who are prone to overheating whilst travelling.


Horse Cooler Rug Mesh Fabric Close Up

Arisca, Ventoso, Net-Air Variations

The construction of these mesh rugs is a large, open-hole mesh which is extremely lightweight and perfect for use in the warmer months. Based on traditional technology, the holes allow heat to disperse quickly whilst still preventing your horse from a chill. The perfect sweat rug for long warm days when cooling and maximum breathability are required.


Sports Cooler

The technically advanced Sports Cooler Rug helps keep your horse cool and comfortable by design. The chest and top sections are an innovative waffle material, whilst the sides are highly breathable open-hole mesh. Combining these two materials make this rug perfect for warmer days when maximum drying and cooling are required. 



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