Fits Like A Glove - Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves

Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves

Gloves are very personal, all of us have different shaped hands and prefer different thickness and materials. As I compete in Dressage it is important having a glove that allows me to keep a consistent contact, giving enough protection (there is nothing worse than blisters) but is thin enough for correct aids, and we can feel the contact without the glove interfering. I find the best glove is one that is soft, supple and close fitting, however, it has proven difficult to find one that has all the things I like a glove to provide in one...
...that was until I found the Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves

Mizar Leather Riding Gloves - Tan

First Thoughts:

When I first received the Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves I was in the middle of trying to find a new riding glove that would live up to the job of what I need a glove for. I was thrilled to find that a) how supple and soft the gloves were and b) how well they fitted. Sizing for me when it comes to gloves is so difficult, due to the shape of my hands. I am impressed to say that the ‘Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves’ really did fit like a glove (sorry for the pun). I went for the size medium; usually in another popular brand I wear the 7”. I found that the fingers were nice and deep which really benefited me, as it allowed me to have the movement and freedom needed without the usual restriction I usually face. Like always Premier Equine have tailored for everyone with the sizes ranging for an XS to XXL.

The colouring of the glove was so close to the one seen on the website, with many brands sometimes when you receive a product they are not always accurate to the colour which was shown on the website, how Premier Equine is different it was so true to the colour you thought you were actually buying. You can currently purchase the ‘Mizar Ladies Leather Riding Gloves’ in Tan, Navy and Black making them perfect for every day and competition use (especially since BD have changed the rule so you can wear any muted tone glove for competing).

Mizar Leather Gloves - Tan - Checking Girth

Put Through The Test:

You can really tell that Premier Equine has put a lot of thought and consideration into their products to provide the perfect glove whether this is for the everyday pleasure rider, or the professional preparing to go round Badminton. Having used these gloves for around six weeks now, I am impressed to say they still look as good as new. From the first time I used the gloves I was so impressed with how supple they were, they didn’t take any wearing in. If you’re anything like me there is nothing worse than your hands overheating, which usually means sweaty, swollen hands. By the end of my sessions, I had completely forgotten I was wearing gloves, the upper lycra mesh along the knuckles and thumb, combined with ventilation holes not only allows extra movement and comfort but also allows fabulous breathability and air flow, dispersing moisture and regulating temperature. I really felt a more secure contact due to the suede sections on the fingers designed to lay where the reins pass over and through the fingers, gently supporting and creating a secure grip. The Velcro adjustable pull-tight closure including the ‘PE’ Branding not only adds to the stylish finishing touch of the glove but makes it personal for everyone meaning that you can ensure that the glove fits just right for you.

Mizar Leather Riding Gloves - Tan - Being Ridden In

Tried and Tested:

Over the past few weeks, I have tried and tested these gloves in a number of different circumstances including BD Youth Test Assessment Days and lots of training sessions preparing for the season, which for me starts on Sunday for our first BD of the year. For those that don’t know the BD Youth Assessments are judged on your riding, and how effectively you ride the test not how you and the horse performs as a whole, I have achieved scores ranging from 77%-80% with comments complementing the contact and connection I have with my horse. I really feel that it is the lightweight leather gloves, mixed with the Lycra panelling and suede fingertips which have helped improve this as it is something I have struggled with in the past, with comments on my previous BD Tests that his contact varies. I believe that it is due to how lightweight the gloves are making me really feel and have a strong, positive connection down the reins which has helped me achieve these marks.

Mizar Leather Riding Gloves Style Shot

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