Self-care Sunday

Self-care Sunday

We're all guilty of it, the quick flick over with a brush before tacking up. However, sometimes there's nothing more therapeutic for horse AND rider than to spend some quality time grooming your horse. We've listed a few benefits as to why it's important to slow down and give your horse a pamper session this weekend.

Horse Grooming Brush

Relationship Building

Most horses love being groomed. Engaging with your horse without asking him to work helps to maintain a healthy, balanced bond between you and your horse - this is your opportunity to give back and to allow your horse to relax and enjoy your company.

Horse Grooming Mitt

Overall Wellbeing

A good grooming session helps to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, helps to distribute natural oils in the coat to encourage shine, and also helps to massage and improve muscle tone. No amount of coat sheen will beat a well-groomed horse, grooming brings out the natural shine from within ... and if you're lucky, a few dapples too!

It also allows you to be hands-on with your horse, checking for any abnormalities and addressing any minor issues before they become a problem.


Hoof Pick

Grooming Can be More Than Just Brushing

Introducing carrot stretches to your grooming routine will help with your horse's flexibility and suppleness. This is also a great way to improve your warm-up and cool-down regimen and to increase your horse's longevity.

Tone those arms up!
You may be giving back to your horse with these sessions but he's saving you money on that gym membership! A proper grooming session helps to burn calories and tone those arms up, so you have your horse to thank for winning that arm wrestle!

Explore our range of grooming products here from just £0.50.

Upgrade Your Wellness Routine with Our Range of Magnetic or Infrared Products

Magnet and infrared horse products can help to maintain the overall wellbeing of horses of all ages and can be included in your horse's wellness or warm-up/ cool-down routine.

When incorporated into a horse's regimen our range of products can be easily applied and removed before or after exercise/ grooming/ quality time with your horse. Our range is designed to target specific areas that your horse may benefit from. 

Magnetic Horse Rug

Take our Magni-Teque Magnetic Horse Rug with Neck Cover, for example. You may want to have a thorough grooming/ pamper session with your horse, promoting circulation and relaxation.

Once you have finished grooming, put the magnet rug on. The effects of the magnets sewn into the rug in key muscle group areas may extend the longevity of the increased circulation and relaxation effects you created from your grooming session and can help to warm your horse before exercise. 

It's your choice whether you tack up and head out after this, but your horse will thank you for the pamper session. If you do choose to ride, pop the rug back on after you have cooled your horse down under saddle and untacked him (make sure he is dry) to ensure he cools down slowly. 

The following benefits have been reported from our customers: maintained circulation, reduced muscle tension, aids recovery of muscle fatigue, tissue oxygen supply, helps to maintain overall wellbeing.


Horse Magnet Rug

Magni-Teque Magnetic Horse Rug with Neck - £168

Infrared Horse Rug 

As well as our Magni-Teque Magnetic Horse Rug we also offer the Nano-Tec Infrared Horse Rug which is ideal for pre warm-up to help improve stamina and post-exercise for cool down. 

Infrared rugs can help to reduce lactic acid build-up caused by fatigue, which decreases recovery time.

If you've had your pamper time, gone for a schooling session or a nice hack and returned to the stable simply put the infrared rug on your horse once you have untacked and the moisture-wicking, breathable lining will act as an anti-chill barrier.

The nano nylon filments contain minerals that are fused within the fabric fibres. The minerals reflect heat and energy lost from the horse back into the body in the form of infrared heat radiation. The infrared heat opens blood vessels deep in the muscle tissue, increasing circulation which in turn helps to ease muscle tension and fortifies the body's own ability to reduce swelling. 

Your thorough grooming session and optional exercise paired with either Magni-Teque or Infrared horse products will help to make your horse feel his best and maintain overall wellbeing. 

The only problem is you might have to explain to your partner/parents where you've been for those extra few hours this weekend, but let's face it... they can probably already guess! 

Take it easy this self-care Sunday, 

From team PE. 


Infrared Horse Rug

Nano-Tec Infrared Horse Rug - £168 

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