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As a horse owner it is likely that you will travel your horse at some point in time whether for shows, vet visits, leisure rides or moving stables. However, it can be extremely stressful for many horses and ponies as well as for the owner, but it doesn’t have to be. Ensuring you have all the correct information, you have carried out the correct checks and have all the right equipment you can have a safe and relaxed journey to the places you want to go.

Travel Safety Blog - Sports Cooler

Travel Checks:

Regardless of whether a towed trailer or horse box is used, both need regular maintenance and services to maintain safety. The trailer or lorry should be light, airy and allow the horse plenty of headroom with good airflow through the box, with a good quality and well-maintained non-slip rubber flooring.

***Top tip for longer journeys putting down bedding for example shavings helps the horse keep comfortable***

It is important to make sure that the horses have the correct protective equipment to prevent injury and ensure that they stay safe and comfortable during loading and the journey. The equipment which is used during travelling should be well-fitting and suitable for the individual horse.

Travel Safety Blog - Sports Cooler and Ballistic Knee Pro-Tech Travel Boots

Choosing The Correct Rug:

Choosing the correct rug is important, the best rugs to use for travelling are sweat-wicking and cooler rugs, offering protection from the horse’s sides rubbing against the walls of the box, and to prevent becoming chilled during transport especially on the way home from competition. However, it is also important to not over-rug your horse, being inside a box they can get warm very easily therefore it is important to not travel your horse in a rug which is too thick especially during the summer months.

The Premier Equine Sports Cooler is designed to allow optimum sweat absorption whilst still allowing air flow. The chest and top section are manufactured from an innovative waffle material with advanced fabric weave construction aiding in quick drying times. The sides are constructed from an open-hole mesh, allowing maximum airflow and quickly dispersing moisture on the warmer days, helping the horse keep cool and comfortable whilst travelling.

Finding The Right Travel Boots:

It is important to protect the legs from knocks and injury in the box or trailer. There are a number of ways to do this however, the most popular choices are either bandaging or using travel boots. The Travel Boots manufactured by Premier Equine are designed with the horses comfort in mind to offer maximum protection. A firm favourite is the Airtechnology travel boots which are constructed from a shockproof material which allows air to circulate and the heat to escape. The integrated high-ride knee added into the design features a layering system, incorporating shockproof materials offering the ultimate knee protection during travelling.

Travel Safety Blog - Ballistic Knee Pro-Tech Travel Boots

Essential Travel Equipment:

Other travelling equipment such as tail guards, head collars and lead ropes should also be taken into consideration. The horse should wear either a tail guard or tail bandage to prevent any damage or rubbing to the tail. The horse should always have a well-fitting Headcollar, with leather being the ideal material as it will break under extreme pressure and can be cut, meaning the horse is less likely to get stuck in an emergency.

***Top Tip always bring a spare Headcollar in case the one used is damaged. ***

Travel Safety - Leather Head Collar

Our Top 5 Tips for Travelling Horses:

  • Make yourself a check list for the equipment you need, making sure you always carry enough water and hay with you to last the day/ journey
  • Don’t forget your horses passport
  • Make sure you have packed a first-aid kit
  • Make sure you have checked your vehicle and/or trailer before setting off, especially on long distances
  • Set off in plenty of time

***Get the look Rupert wears the Premier Equine Sports Cooler (6’0” Black & Grey), Ballistic Knee Pro-Teque Travel Boots (Medium Navy), Padded Leather Head Collar (Full Black) and Merino Wool Head Collar Set (Natural).***

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