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Premier Equine manufactures luxury bridles and reins for all occasions...

Our bridles have been hand crafted from the finest Italian leather finished with premium quality stainless steel buckles, billets and fixtures. We have bridles for all disciplines including snaffle bridles, dressage bridles and showing bridles. Choose from a variety of styles such as cavesson nosebands, crank nosebands, flash nosebands and grackle nosebands. You are sure to find the right leather bridle to suit your horse and your discipline among this luxurious range.
Our reins are manufactured from fine Italian leather, super strong nylon webbing and/or non-stretch rubber. Leather reins ooze pure luxury with a range of different grip styles available. Webbed reins and rubber reins offer great flexibility without compromising on grip and look great with any bridle and in any equestrian discipline.
Primo Hunter Bridle
£ 65.00
In Stock
Stefano Rubber Reins
£ 35.00
In Stock
Caloveto Web Reins
£ 25.00
In Stock
Pietro Laced Reins
£ 40.00
In Stock
Diego Rubber Reins
£ 35.00
In Stock
Altare Web Reins
£ 23.00
In Stock