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Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g

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Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g
  • Combo Horse Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g

Combo Horse Rug Liners can be applied underneath any Premier Equine turnout/stable rugs (except the ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Hardy’) to increase warmth when needed.

Totally secure with double front chest and neck fastenings, cross surcingles and two clips at the rear which attach to the outer rug. Made using antibacterial and anti-static lining, these liners promote hygiene, freshness and comfort.

Key features...
  • Available in 100g, 200g and 350g weights
  • Thermo bonded filling
  • Crafted from antibacterial and anti-static breathable polyester
  • Channel quilted monogram design on fabric outer and lining
  • Compatible with all Premier Equine turnout/stable rugs (except the ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Hardy’)
  • Highly breathable
  • Double front fastenings
  • Easy to attach to outer rug
  • Cross surcingles
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fleece protection at top of neck and over wither seam
  • Designed to contour over the wither and rump area
  • Machine washable (30°), dry naturally
We recommend increasing the weight of your liners in sync with the change in temperatures based on your horse’s personal needs. Keeping your horse warm and comfortable in cooler weather can help maintain their condition.

100g Combo Rug Liner

Our 100g lightweight combo rug liner is an ideal layer to add in to your Premier Equine rug. We would recommend using this liner to give your horse added warmth as cooler conditions begin to take hold.

200g Combo Rug Liner

The 200g medium weight combo rug liner is a popular choice among people who require a significant increase in the warmth of their horse’s rug. Great for use during cold/bitter Spring, Autumnal and Winter periods.

350g Combo Rug Liner

A 350g heavyweight combo rug liner will provide optimum warmth and comfort for your horse. An ideal liner for horses that feel the cold, are clipped out or are prone to loosing condition due to cold weather conditions.

Please note: Our liners fit into most domestic washing machines, an additional benefit which promotes good hygiene. We recommend placing the liner into a net wash bag and using our Horse Rug Wash
Customer reviews
Rug Size : 6'9''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 200g
Will buy more soon.
David R.
Rug Size : 6'0''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 100g
Although beautifully made and of very high quality I am actually disappointed with it. I think it is being mis-sold as a liner as it does not fasten to the inside of the turnout rug, so is not a liner, merely an (expensive) under-rug! I bought this in the presumption that it would be labour saving as I would only be throwing one rug on in the morning and could clip this in and out of the turnout rug, weather dependent. It also lacks the shoulder gusset of the turnout rug and has too much Velcro!
Jessica Y.
Rug Size : 6'3''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 350g
My horse is 15.2 medium build and takes a 6ft turnout rug however needs a 6.3" liner. I also use this liner as a stable rug without a problem so it is a very useful rug plus it fits into my washing machine!
Rug Size : 6'6''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 200g
I love this rug, fits perfectly and very smart.
Deborah R.
Rug Size : 6'9''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 100g
Tommy A.
Rug Size : 6'3''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 100g
Fabulous idea. I've been wanting a premier equine liner with a neck for my horse. Good investment!
Carol Y.
Rug Size : 6'9''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 200g
Fits great.
Kerrie F.
Rug Size : 6'6''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 100g
Rug Size : 6'3''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 350g
I have the 350g combo. A good fit and not heavy to lift. Its cut a tad shorter than the same sized PE
'outer' rug' so that the liner remains dry when it rains. I would recommend this under rug.
Theresa L.
Rug Size : 6'0''Colour : BlackWeight/Fill : 350g
Beware no shoulder dart on this year's rug otherwise a good rug.
Amanda M.