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Turnout / Mud Fever Boots

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Turnout / Mud Fever Boots
  • Turnout / Mud Fever Boots
  • Turnout / Mud Fever Boots
  • Turnout / Mud Fever Boots
  • Turnout / Mud Fever Boots

Mud fever boots are ideal for protection during turnout...

These advanced high-cut mud fever boots are made with Air-Teque ventilated neoprene for maximum breathability. Anatomically shaped to provide superior comfort for your horse whilst supporting the cannon bone and soft tissues. Fatigue is reduced in the tendon, fetlock, ligaments and suspensory. The boots cover the whole of the lower leg and pastern area, making them great for use as a preventative measure against mud fever and chills. Suitable for year-round use in paddocks. Can be used on both front and hind legs.

Turnout Boots - Material Properties...

The fabric layers work together to distribute even airflow and manage heat removal. Excellent stretch and recovery properties allow the boot to mould and retain shape without impeding the natural action of a horse moving.

Pique jersey outer and lining wicks away moisture, is highly breathable, quick drying and soft to the touch. Perforated neoprene allows heat from the leg to escape and cool air to enter the boot and circulate the leg. It also does not retain water.

Mud Fever Boots: Key features...

  • Optimum mud fever defence
  • Highly breathable Air-Teque specialist fabric
  • Contoured comfort fit
  • Shaped around the fetlock
  • Lightweight durable design
  • Maximum airflow and breathability
  • Year-round turnout protection
  • Extra strong and flexible straps
  • Maximum comfort
  • Use for up to 12 hours at a time
  • Can be used on both front & hind legs
  • Sold in pairs
Care/Washing instructions...
First remove hair & dried sweat with brush. Then ensure all fastenings are closed and machine wash at 30 using non-bio liquid. We recommend washing inside our 'Horse Boots Wash Bag'. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources

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Customer reviews
Horse Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
These boots do not seem to gather any heat underneath which is good. Very durable material. The mud gets a little bit in from the bottom.
Heli N.
Horse Boot Size : MediumColour : Black
Brilliant quality as always.
Amy M.
Horse Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
My horse is 16.2 so according to the catalogue he needed medium size boots, it stated that it was best to go up a size for hind legs. I thus ordered size large, however these are really too small and only just do up around the pastern area they are fine length wise just not wide enough for my Irish sports horse if fitted as shown.
V H.
Horse Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
Great boots.
Joanne S.
Horse Boot Size : MediumColour : Black
Really pleased with the boots. Finally got the mud fever under control.
Joanne S.
Horse Boot Size : MediumColour : Black
Brilliant for really muddy conditions.
Julie V.
Horse Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
Nice idea but in reality they couldn't cope with the extreme muddy conditions - the lower part was doubled over and not providing any cover after a few hours of use.
Fran G.
Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
Half the price and lasted unlike le mieux pair I bought before.
Hannah C.
Horse Boot Size : SmallColour : Black
Really useful tool to help protect your horse from mud fever. The boots clean up really well after a day out in the field.
Charlotte F.
Horse Boot Size : LargeColour : Black
So well made.
Catherine S.