Who are we?

Premier Equine is a global leader in horse leg protection and injury prevention. Globally recognised for providing premium quality and technically advanced products, PE is at the forefront of innovation, technology, and protection in the equine sector.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide our customers with the latest in sports technology in the areas of protection and performance, at an affordable price.

The environment is important to us. Along with offering good value, we offer products that have been designed to last which helps to combat the “disposable” and “throwaway” culture that can often surround the equestrian industry, fuelled by poorly made products.

We are working hard to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into our operations and products, which is why we try to minimise the amount of disposable plastics in our packaging. Many of our product lines have been carefully hand packaged in complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bags for easy carrying and to keep your products clean and tidy when not in use, to aid the longevity of your items even further.

To accelerate our eco-friendly mission we have gone paperless – no longer offering a printed season-specific catalogue. Instead, you can browse our product ranges online with ease and less of an impact on the environment.

Our products are different because of our deeper understanding of the importance of protection to all sport horses competing in their various disciplines. We understand the impact that ill-fitting or inferior quality equipment can have on a performance horse, potentially putting them out of action for a period. We work closely with industry professionals to improve our understanding of sports horses’ needs.

We believe that our work has a much-valued position in the equine market that benefits the professional users and everyday person that loves owning a horse for their own personal pleasure alike. Our technically advanced products are an essential to all who want to provide the best protection for their horse.