Inspiration Behind our Design - The Buster Range of Turnout Rugs

Inspiration Behind our Design - The Buster Range of Turnout Rugs

The Origin of Premier Equine Turnout Rugs

Twenty years ago, rugs were expensive and restrictive, causing rubs and sores; others fell apart due to poor quality after only weeks of use. After using the market standard rugs of the time, professionally and at home, Clive Davies (designer and managing director at PE) felt “ample” protection was far from perfect. Breathability was hugely lacking in ranges of turnout rugs, waterproof rugs were unreliable, and these two aspects were rarely well combined. So, the development began, starting with the materials to create innovative designs which offered quality and protection.

Breathable Waterproof Turnout Rug Protection

Dual Purpose Horse Turnout Rugs

Waterproofness and breathability are at the forefront, creating a rug which is dual purpose for the modern horse owner and can be used inside the stable and for turnout. The patented design of an elasticated poll on the neck cover stopped the wind and rain from driving down the neck. The patented elasticated shoulder gusset created unmeasurable freedom of movement, and the deep-cut design helped to stop the rug from slipping to the side providing security throughout wear.

After 20 years of design, innovation, evolution, and 100,000s customers – Premier Equine International will always strive to improve and advance to offer the ultimate protection to horses worldwide.

Buster Turnout Rug Chest Clip Position

Evolving Anatomical Design into Turnout Rugs

The Premier Equine Rug Range is cut 2 – 4” in front of the wither, allowing the neckline to fall comfortably in front of the shoulder and neatly down to the chest closure. Emphasis on the placement of the chest clip closures was made, where they were not too high or low strategically. We have two clip position options for adjustability.

We cut our rugs deeper than everyone else on the market. The innovative design of our patented elasticated shoulder gussets shook the market. The combination provides immense freedom of movement, continuously adapting with the horse’s stride. The forgiving fit also allows our rugs to fit most horses across many disciplines, from sports horses and thoroughbreds to larger breeds. The unique elasticated shoulder gusset design allows ultimate flexibility in the fit, providing protection and comfort to the highest standards.

Buster Lightweight Turnout Rug with Shoulder Gusset Movement

World Renowned for Waterproof Turnout Rugs

In specialising for 20 years, we have perfected our renowned waterproof system with unparalleled breathability, which is now supported and sought after by customers worldwide in all climates. The lining of our range is an antibacterial and anti-static material, enhancing hygiene alongside comfort. Further innovations include the depth of rug wrapping seamlessly around the horse and secured with low cross-surcingles. The placement and mechanics of this design results in complete relief from pressure on the spine. We have also mastered the art of self-righting rugs – allowing your horse to roll and shake as desired without worrying about a rug sitting askew.

Our lengthened tail flaps are waterproof and contain padding, which helps prevent any lift from the wind and provides continued protection. The technical and refined design of our turnout rug range means that no leg straps are required – however, for these customers who need the reassurance of the availability of these straps, we continue to supply these with every turnout rug.

Premier Equine Buster Protection Technology Badge on Turnout Rugs

Extensive Range of Elite Horse Turnout Rugs

Available in various neck styles, including half neck (hardy), no neck (original), and detachable or integrated neck (of either snug-fit or classic neck variations). We proudly provide the most extensive range of design and weight availability in turnout rugs – providing elite protection for all horses.



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