Brushing Up On The Basics - Techno Wool Brushing Boots

Wool Brushing Boots - Premier Equine Straps Close Up

After eagerly waiting for the new Premier Equine Spring/Summer 2019 Catalogue… finally, it was released meaning it was time to look through and see what new products have been released for the season ahead… there are new boots in the navy! For me, navy is one of those colours that always looks so stylish and smart, plus you can match it with any colour (bonus).

First Thoughts:

First impressions are everything, therefore I was very excited to receive and test both the Carbon Tech Techno Wool Over Reach Boots and the Techno Wool Brushing Boots.When both the boots first arrived, I couldn't believe that a product could be even nicer in person than it was in the photos. Something important to all riders is ensuring that the horse is protected, preventing any knocks or strikes. However, it is also important to find a boot which prevents any rubs or sores. The Techno Wool element of both products means that the boot is protected by a wool layer, which helps keep the horse comfortable. The added wool element works in our favour by not only evening out the pressure over a wider area, but by acting as a shockproof layer reducing the impact of brushing or strikes. A newly added feature is the carbon tech outer material, added due to being stronger than real leather and also stretching and moulding to the horse's leg.


Tried & Tested:

After putting the products through their paces over the last couple of weeks in various situations including training days, competition warmups and general hacking, I cannot believe that even with so much use they are still looking as good as new. The carbon tech feature has proven to be stronger than real leather. It's amazing how the Carbon Tech feature has further improved the durability of boots.

As these boots have been used most days that means washing them regularly, I wash them on a 30º wash in a boot wash bag . I use the Boot Wash Bag as I find it helps to preserve the wool and the Velcro fastenings when done up correctly. As soon as the wash has finished its cycle I put them on the washing line and allow them to dry naturally away from any heat sources. Even after many washes they still look like new and the wool still looks as fluffy as it was when I first received them.


Also available in the Navy are the Carbon Tech Single Locking Brushing Boots, Carbon Tech Double Locking Brushing Boots and the Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots. Therefore, whatever the discipline you can look stylish and smart and make a statement for the season ahead.

Saddle pads and other accessories are also available in navy for ultimate coordinated style.

***Top Tip: I find that using hair conditioner, rubbing it into the wool before washing keeps the wool looking as good as new****

<br> It's all a bit too much

It's all a bit too much

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