Equestrian Must Haves - Spring/Summer 2020 Key Products

Premier Equine SS20 Collection

As the 2020 season approaches Premier Equine new products and additional colour choices are on their way! We look at some of our favourite new products and colour choices which are available to purchase this season.

Buster Zero including Classic Neck Cover £144

New season... new colour! The best selling no-fill (0g) turnout rug has a new look, the popular Buster Zero 0g Turnout Rug with Classic Neck Cover is now available in burgundy. "Engineered with a robust & breathable 840 ballisitic nylon, containing a no-fill (0g) and treated with our waterproof system makes it the perfect lightweight turnout for the milder weather, whilst keeping your horse dry, comfortable and regulating their temperature. As part of the evolution of the 'buster', an extra high shoulder gusset has been added to allow for a greater range of movement in the field. The Buster Zero has the added feature of attachments so 'Rug Liners' can be added to increase warmth, allowing custimisation throughout the seasons."

Check out the Buster Zero 0g Turnout Rug inc Classic Neck Cover here.

Buster Zero 0g Turnout Rug Burgundy

Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask £13

For SS19 Premier Equine released the Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask which proved to be very popular with our customers. This year it is coming back in two styles; The Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask £13 and Comfort Tech Xtra Lycra Fly Mask £15.00. This year they have been released in even more colours; grey, blue, green, wine, red, and navy.

"The Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask is like no other, designed with the horse's comfort in mind. Manufactured from a four-way stretch lycra providing a close and comfortable fit. Designed as a pull-on fly mask there are no straps which can become undone, which is great for those horses who find a way to take their fly mask off. It also helps to provide a secure custom like fit which helps prevent bugs and flies crawling under the mask and causing irritation. The breathable and lightweight nature of the mesh allows for airflow, vital to the health of the sensory organs it is protecting."

The Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask can be purchased here.

Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask Blue

Close Contact Saddle Pads:

Recently Close Contact Saddles are becoming more and more popular, with most equestrians choosing this type of saddle to use on their horses. This year Premier Equine have engineered saddle pads perfect for those close contact saddles, crafted from the highest quality cotton. "Available in Dressage, Showjumping or Cross Country they have been crafted with 100% quality cotton for comfort and performance, wicking fibres present in the filling draw moisture away from the skin and a highly absorbent Air Tech mesh lining keep your horse comfortable during training and competition. A 600-denier polyester girth panel provides anti-rub protection and adjustable D loop straps allow secure fitting to a close contact saddle."

Check our our range of Close Contact Saddle Pads here.

Close Contact Cotton Dressage Square - Blue

Carbon Tech Air Flex Eventing Boots: Front £60, Hind £64

Premier Equine have a resounding reputation for excellence in the design of eventing boots, and this year have added a new addition to their range the Carbon Tech Air Flex Eventing Boots. "An innovative design, featuring perforated Carbon Tech microfibre leather and maximum shock protection. Fluid and flexible zones have been engineered to provide 360° protection, allowing the boot to contour the leg. Manufactured from perforated Carbon Tech microfibre leather makes them highly breathable, ensuring your horses legs do not overheat whilst in action. The Carbon Tech Air Flex Eventing Boots allow superior strength and protection for any event horse at any level."

The Carbon Tech Air Flex Eventing Boots can be purchased here.

Carbon Air Flex Eventing Boots Black

Cold Water Compression Boots £50

"Advanced, medical grade fabrics have been used to engineer this innovative cold water compression boot. A practical solution for leg cooling after strenuous exercise. Simply soak in water for 5-8 minutes and there is no need for ice or refrigeration. A revolution in cooling technology aided recovery activated by moisture absorption and maintained by exposure to airflow delivered via the 3D ducted mesh. The advanced cold water fabric has been developed as part of the Air Tech range, the lining is of medical-grade providing hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties. The material uses a unique chemistry to achieve rapid water absorption. Advanced formulation releases energy over time to provide temperatures that are 6-12° cooler than ambient temperature. The Cold Water Compression Boot has been engineered to provide uniform cooling without restricting the movement, the air is the element that keeps the fabric cool once activated by water."

Check out the Cold Water Compression Boots here.

Cold Water Compression Boots


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