Up Close & Personal - Prideaux Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle

Prideaux Jump Saddle

New for the 2020 collection we are extremely excited to release our expertly engineered range of saddles. From Synthetic Monoflap Cross Country Saddles, General Purpose Saddles and Jump Saddles to Pony Saddles and even Racing/ Exercise Saddles. We have the perfect saddle for you and your horse or pony, no matter what your discipline is.

Prideaux Close Contact Jump Saddle - Brown - Side Shot

A number of factors can affect the horse's shape such as health, fitness, exercise regime, age and condition, therefore it is important to assess the fit of your saddle in the time frame your saddle fitter advises. The PE interchangeable gullet system allows quick and easy customisation of the fit of the saddle, without having to purchase a whole new saddle.

Crafted from a supple synthetic microfibre leather the Prideaux Jump Saddle offers the look of leather, with the added benefit of being significantly less maintenance. Expertly engineered with a polypropylene copolymer tree which is extremely durable, has exceptional stress crack resistance and superior lightweight properties the Prideaux offers a balanced system of pressure distribution and the synthetic fibre wool flocked panels allows your horse to move freely, without any restriction.

Prideaux Close Contact Jump Saddle - Knee Roll Close Up

When searching for saddles it is important to think about the fit of the saddle and how regularly your horse tends to change shape due to various factors. To cater for this we have incorporated our PE Interchangeable Gullet System meaning you wouldn't need a brand new saddle every time your horse changed shape. Three interchangeable leather girth straps allow for specific girthing options. This ensures that the saddle can be correctly fitted to the horse’s needs, which is essential for optimum performance and the horse’s wellbeing.

The medium depth seat helps attain a correct position and aids in a secure seat over fences, being a close contact saddle, it allows a close feel to your horse, with precise communication. The cantle has been specifically shaped for showjumpers ensuring a comfier feel over fences. There has not been a detail left out when designing this Close Contact Jump Saddle, detachable knee and thigh blocks attach with a simple Velcro attachment allowing customisation for each individual rider, ensuring you get the perfect leg position for your individual needs.

Prideaux Close Contact Saddle - Brown - Detachable Knee Block

The Prideaux Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle is an affordable saddle that is perfect for any showjumper throughout the levels, the sweeping style lines give the saddle a premium aesthetic.

The Prideaux Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle is perfect for those wanting a close contact saddle engineered specifically for jumping at an affordable price.

Prideaux Close Contact Jump Saddle - Brown - Girth Straps

Find out more about the Prideaux Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle here.

*This saddle is also available in black.

To find out the correct gullet size for your horse check out the PE Interchangeable Gullet System Gauge, once you have found out the correct size, don't forget to purchase the correct size PE Interchangeable Gullet.

Find out how to change the gullet in your Premier Equine Saddle by watching the video below.

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