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Review of the plain cotton dressage saddle pad

As the summer months approach and the warm weather increases it is important to think about the comfort of our horse, and what we put under the saddle is especially important. If your horse is anything like mine then the main places he sweats during intense exercise is under his chin, under saddle, around his girth area, and between his hind legs. Like many horse's, Rupert is very sensitive and if he is uncomfortable he certainly lets me know about it. Finding the perfect saddle pad is something I can control, ensuring the fit is right is important for the horse's comfort, performance, and your scores! A poor fit will see the saddle pad moving backwards under the saddle, or rubbing the horse, especially on the shoulders from the corner of the saddle pad.

Plain Cotton Dressage Square - Navy

Finding A Saddle Pad?

Finding a saddle pad which truly fits has been difficult over the years, as Rupert is 165cm but very compact (he only wears a 6’0” Rug). I have found many problems trying to find a saddle pad that fits, the full (horse) size is too big and the small/medium is too small. Rupert is also very high withered, I have found with many other saddle pads that they put too much pressure onto his wither, which can also cause a restriction when he is trying to come up through his shoulder. As mentioned earlier he is so sensitive he struggles (especially at the moment as his summer coat is coming through) with rubbing on his shoulders, therefore I need to find a saddle pad which is soft but has enough padding to protect his sensitive skin. Finding the perfect saddle pad can be a minefield…..
….. that was until I found the ‘Premier Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square.

First Thoughts:

I first purchased a Plain Cotton Saddle Pad from Premier Equine around 8 years ago when I got my first ‘proper’dressage horse. I am impressed to say that to this date this saddle pad is still getting used. It has washed well and still looks as good as new, ensuring am suitably well presented for the competition arena. The durability of the ‘Premier Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square’ has represented very good value for money. Given my satisfaction with the Premier Equine Dressage Square, I was excited to trial the newly launched ‘Premier Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square’. On first impressions, the saddle pad did not disappoint. You can really tell that Premier Equine has used the highest quality cotton from how soft and supple the saddle pad is. From the first wear, it was the perfect fit, sitting just right. As always Premier Equine have considered the needs of the horse and what riders really look for in a saddle pad.

Plain Cotton Dressage Square - White - Close Up Girth Strap

Trialing The Plain Cotton Saddle Pad:

I decided that the perfect place to trial the Premier Equine Plain Cotton Dressage Square was a BD Youth Training and Test Riding Session, this includes approximately 45-minute session altogether. As the session was quite intense I was impressed to see that the anti-wick fibres really worked to control the heat and sweat under the saddle. During the session, the saddle pad did not move due to the adjustable Velcro straps which helped keep the saddle pad in place during the session. As mentioned earlier Rupert is very high withered, the high wither design in this saddle pad allows him to have the extra room where he needs it, making it more comfortable when he works up through his shoulder during the higher level movements. The subtle yet distinctive PE Branding along the spine and on the girth straps adds a simple, stylish and immediately recognisable finishing touch to the saddle pad. As always Premier Equine really have thought about every finer detail putting the horse’s needs first.

One thing I have found with saddle pads in the past is once used (especially in the summer heat) the saddle can sometimes dye the saddle pad black. After a wash on 30 degrees and allowed to dry naturally the saddle pad has come up as good as new, and it is ready to use for the next competition. I cannot wait to continue using this saddle pad over the summer months and for years to come, knowing that Rupert is going to be comfortable under the saddle during training and competitions.

Plain Cotton Dressage Square - On Horse

Final Thoughts:

Not only can these saddle pads be used for competitions they also come in a number of different colours making them the perfect saddle pad for both competing and everyday training. Priced at £36.00 you really are getting the best quality saddle pad for a great price and with how long they last you really are getting good value for money.

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