Summer Survival Guide - Effective Summer Fly Protection

summer survival guide - effective fly protection

Summer is finally upon us and with the warmer weather forecast for the months ahead, it is the perfect time to let your horse enjoy spending time out in the field. One thing that can disrupt your horse's turnout...flies! As all horse owners know flies are the common pest whose persistent biting can irritate. There are many ways we can protect our horses from flies - one of the most popular ones is choosing the correct fly rug.

Fly Rugs:

Fly Rugs have been designed to act as a barrier from flies and insects that bite your horse. These bites can cause irritation and discomfort leading to scratching and potential injuries. They are the perfect rug for summer as they offer lightweight protection, ensuring your horse keeps cool in the highest temperatures. Being up to 70% UV reflective, they also prevent the coat from bleaching.

What to consider when choosing a fly rug?

When purchasing a fly rug, it is important to think about your horse's needs to ensure they keep comfortable and protected from the elements. Whether your horse struggles with the heat, needs full protection with a belly flap, or needs an extra high shoulder gusset for broad shoulders, Premier Equine has a wide range of fly rugs that caters for the many requirements of the horse.

Super Lite Fly Rug with Surcingles:

The Super Lite Fly Rug with Surcingles is one of the most lightweight fly rugs currently in the market - crafted using a revolutionary lightweight material, that has been developed for protection against the sun, heat build-up, and flies. Even in the hottest of climates it not only offers protection against insects but helps reflect the sun and keep your horse cooler than most traditional fly rugs. Perfect for those horses who struggle to stay cool during the hot summer months but still need protection from the flies.

Combo Mesh Air:

The Combo Mesh Air Fly Rug has been expertly crafted from a durable and lightweight sports mesh fabric, that is highly breathable and great for keeping insects at bay. An extra high elasticated shoulder gusset allows a greater range of movement across the shoulder, ideal for horses with broader shoulders and chest.

Bug Buster Fly Rug with Belly Flap:

Some horses require a fly rug that offers the ultimate amount of protection. Manufactured from a soft mesh polyester, the Bug Buster Fly Rug with Belly Flap has been developed to protect horses who are more sensitive to fly bites under the belly. The simple yet effective fly rug is complete with a wrap-around belly flap for extra protection and comfort meaning your horse is fully protected from the bugs and midges this summer.

Stay-Dry Protection:

As many of us who live in Britain know, our summer sadly isn't always glorious sun! However, even with the British Showers, it can still be too warm for us to use a lightweight 0g turnout rug. With built-in rain shower protection, the Buster Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug and the Stay-Dry Mesh Air Fly Rug are innovative fly rugs combining lightweight mesh and a 600D Polyester no-fill waterproof top, designed to protect against unpredictable summer showers & flies all in one.

Cotton Sheet:

There are alternatives to fly rugs which can be used during the summer months which include cotton sheets. PE cotton sheets are available with or without an integrated neck cover which gives horse owners options for the level of coverage their horse requires. Cotton type sheets are constructed from a high-quality multi-fibre which is woven densely to create a barrier against dust, dirt and light debris. Cotton sheets are brilliant at providing UV protection, fly protection and keep horses cool during dry weather turnout as well as preventing the coat from bleaching in the sun. 

Combo Cotton Sheet


Pro-Tech Bug & Fly Boots:

Turnout Boots are essential for those wanting to protect their horse's legs in the field, however, using regular turnout boots during the warm summer months could result in your horse's legs overheating. The Pro-Tech Bug & Fly Boots have been designed to offer protection throughout the warm summer months whilst keeping legs cool. Crafted from a 3D ducted sports mesh, they allow air to flow and circulate around the horse's legs, keeping them cool on the warmest of days whilst offering maximum protection from fly irritation.

Fly Masks:

Fly Masks not only offer protection from flies but also shield the sensitive parts of the face from harmful sun exposure. Premier Equine offers a wide range of fly masks to cater for a variety of requirements. From the Buster Fly Mask Standard (with ear holes) to the Buster Fly Mask Xtra offering ultimate protection from flies and the harmful rays.

For those who struggle to keep fly masks on their horses, we now offer the option of the Comfort Tech Lycra Fly Mask or Comfort Tech Xtra Lycra Fly Mask engineered to provide smart 360° protection against flies, crafted from a breathable four-way stretch Lycra for comfort, it helps to provide a secure custom fit preventing bugs and flies crawling under the mask.

Should you need any advice on which fly protection system would suit your horse, our experienced customer service team are happy to talk through your requirements with you.

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