Rugging Systems - What Are The Benefits?

Effective horse rugging - benefits of using a rugging system

Founded on the values of innovation, technology & protection our range of horse rugs have been engineered to provide effective protection and superior comfort for your horse or pony.

A global market leader in horse rug technology our range of rugs include lightweight turnout rugs, medium weight turnout rugs, heavyweight turnout rugs and stable rugs with PE liner compatibility* for weight customisation, offering a range of benefits for you and your horse.

Explore the benefits of the PE rugging system and find the best option for your horse below.

5 Key Benefits of The PE Rugging System

1) Customisability

You can customise your rug to the required weight for the weather or season. Easily apply your rug liner by securely attaching it to the outer rug when required. With our rugging system you have the ability to transform your lightweight turnout rug into a medium weight turnout rug or your medium weight turnout rug into a heavyweight turnout rug; ideal for the changing seasons.

2) Hygiene

You can remove the rug liner and wash them as required, helping to maintain good hygiene without having to wash the entire outer rug. PE rug liners fit into most domestic washing machines. Dry naturally.

3) Storage

Storing 1 outer rug and 1 or 2 rug liners may take up less space in your tack room than 3 separate weight option rugs. Ideal if you have limited storage space.



4) Expand Your Weight Options Collection

Our rugging system allows you to create custom rug weight options by combining different outer rugs with rug liners.

We offer 100g, 200g and 350g rug liners to combine with our range of turnout rugs & stable rugs with rug liner compatibility. Choose your outer rug and choose your rug liner to create a custom weight rug combination.

5) Replacement

With the PE rugging system, if you need to replace your turnout or stable rug you will only need to replace the outer rug. Your collection of rug liners will still remain to make your custom rug weight combinations. This may be more cost effective than purchasing 3 separate rugs if you require a lightweight turnout rug, medium weight turnout rug, heavyweight turnout rug and stable rug.

Which Option Is Right For Your Horse?

Requires a Combo Rug (Fixed Neck Cover)

Look for rugs with the word 'storm' or 'combo' in the title or description. This indicates that the rug features an integrated neck cover. Our storm/ combo rugs are compatible with our Combo Rug Liners.

Requires a Detachable Neck Cover

Look for rugs with 'detachable neck cover' in the title or description. This indicates that the neck cover can be removed or applied as required. Our rugs with detachable neck cover are compatible with our Standard or Combo Rug Liners.
*For Lucanta rugs use Lucanta Rug Liners or Combo Rug Liners.

Has Sensitive Withers/ High Withers and Requires a Neck Cover

Look for rugs with 'Lucanta' in the title. This indicates that the rug has a forward cut neckline with strategically placed wither pads to distribute pressure over a larger surface area. Our Lucanta rugs with detachable neck cover are compatible with our Lucanta Rug Liners or Combo Rug Liners.

No Neck Options

Look for rugs with 'Original' in the title. This indicates that these rugs do not have a neck cover and do not have attachments for a neck cover. Our Original turnout rugs are compatible with our Standard Rug Liners only.

Buster Hardy

Buster Hardy rugs feature no attachments for rug liners or neck covers. The forward cut neckline is ideal for horses who have sensitive or high withers. Available in 0g or 100g options.

Complete Systems

Our Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 Turnout Rug offers 4 rug weight options in 1. The rugging system comprises of a 100g turnout rug, 3 rug liners and 2 neck covers. Use the 100g turnout rug on its own as a lighweight (plus) layer or add any of the 3 different weight (fill) rug liners to increase warmth. Possible weight (fill) creations:


Products You May Like

Horse Laundry Wash Bag – Large £10

Acting as a filtration system for your washing machine, this horse laundry wash bag is ideal for washing your saddle pads, rugs and dirty riderwear without damaging/ clogging your washing machine with loose hair and debris.

Premier Equine Storage Bag – Medium £18, Large £26

Use them on the yard to store rugs, horse boots, saddle pads etc. or use them for competitions and load them with all of your competition items - keeping them clean and safe during transport.

5 Benefits of Our PE Rugging System

1) Customisability
2) Hygiene
3) Storage
4) Expand rug weights collection
5) Replacement


The PE rugging system is the ideal solution for the changing weather/ seasons. Ideal for equestrian professionals working on busy yards the rugging system allows for quick and easy application or removal of rug liners to customise the weight of the rug in use.

For expert advice on the best PE rug for your horse, pony or working yard please call the order line on 01469 532279 and our customer services team will be happy to help.

*Excluding the Hardy range and Stable Buster Lite 100.

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