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Horse No-Bow Bandage Wraps

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Horse No-Bow Bandage Wraps

No-Bow Bandage Wraps are an easy to use alternative to traditional Gamgee and provide protection and warmth for your horse.

Use them underneath our Polo Fleece Bandages or Elasti-Fleece Combo Bandages for secure and comfortable support.

Key features...
  • Soft, supple, strong and lightweight
  • Help relieve strain
  • Prevent the creasing and marking of legs
  • Provide protection and warmth
  • Machine washable (30), dry naturally
  • Sold in pairs
Customer reviews
Horse Boot Size : 16"Colour : White
Thanks very much.
Rudi S.
Size : 16"Colour : White
These fit my horse very well.
Taryn C.
Size : 14"Colour : White
A little difficult to hold onto whilst wrapping bandages but good quslity.
Tracy H.
Size : 16"Colour : White
Good product, easy to use and saves time and money as reusable.
Kim R.
Size : 16"Colour : White
Very good.
Kate B.
Size : 16"Colour : White
The wraps are quite long.
Liz F.
Size : 14"Colour : White
Excellent service and products as usual.
Glenn F.
Size : 14"Colour : White
These are very thick. Too thick for my liking, so I returned them.
Size : 14"Colour : White
Nice thickness and shape.
Liz E.
Love these wraps. Very cushioning, keep their shape and last years. Premier Equine's customer service is superb.
Charlotte C.