Blog Take Over - BBEquines 'Buster Turnout Rug Review!'

Blog Take Over - BBEquines 'Buster Turnout Rug Review!'

Last year, I decided Bo needed a new rug to get him through the winter, and with the knowledge that I would be moving to Australia in 2022, I wanted to get him something of good quality that was going to last him. I needed something that was going to give me peace of mind that it wouldn't leak through within a short time or break/ rip due to a lack of quality. 

It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to create a wardrobe of rugs for Bo, or if I wanted to do a rugging system which I learned had become popular. There are pros and cons to both but in the end, I decided to try out a rugging system, and to do that, I bought the Premier Equine Buster 50g Turnout Rug with Snug-Fit Neck Cover

This rug alone is 50g in weight and is an 'outer shell' for the rug liners, which can be purchased separately to increase the weight, and thus the warmth, of the rug. Alongside this outer shell, I also bought the 100g liner and the 200g liner. The neck is detachable which is ideal for the changeable weather we have here in Scotland. 

What do I think?

I think this rugging system was the best decision for Bo! I love how high the shoulders are cut as it keeps his little chest warm, and I also love the HUGE tail-flap as no wetness seeps in with the CONSTANT rain in Scotland. It is also very breathable so my boy is also comfortable. 

I also find there is no slipping with this rug. I always worry after Bo rolls that his rugs will slip and potentially be a hazard as I have had many a rug in the past which has done this and there is little you can do about it. It is a comfort to me now that the rug just falls back into place perfectly after Bo has his muddy rolls. 

The liners are really easy to attach and detach, also these can be used for stable rugs too, though I currently don't have any Premier Equine stable rugs yet! The idea though is that you can leave the liner on and just change the outer shell to suit when you go from field to stable. 

I will say that this rugging system is a bit more expensive to gather everything. It cost me £277 to get the 50g rug and two liners which is quite a substantial amount at once. However, you get what you pay for in my opinion. The rugs are fantastic and they last! So while it might be a cheaper one off payment for a regular rug, you will probably end up spending more anyway with alternate rug weights. 

I couldn't recommend this rugging system more. They are true to size, excellent quality and attractive to look at too! I like them so much that now I have used it for the winter, I have decided to get another one, though this one is a 0g fill (£158 - it should be here in a couple days, how exciting!) I felt that would be useful for Bo as it means he has a rainsheet for summer and has a wide range of weights for the Scottish weather. 

Here is my collection for Bo so far:

So as you can see, from two turnout rugs and two liners, I can make the following combinations with and without a neck cover: 

  • 0g Rainsheet
  • 50g Turnout Rug 
  • 100g Turnout Rug
  • 150g Turnout Rug
  • 200g Turnout Rug
  • 250g Turnout Rug

Personally, I find it so useful to have a change of rug as well because when they get absolutely soaked with the rain, you can switch to the other rug and you know that they are both equally good quality. 

Have you tried Premier Equine rugs? I would recommend if you haven't and are looking for a durable (and attractive) rug for your lovely horse! 

Happy Horsing! 

Check out BB Equine here!

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